The Puppies Of Wallingford

Please watch this video from today’s photoshoot and pass the word. Wouldn’t you like to rescue your new best friend?

If you like what you’re about to read and see thank Helaine. This one is her doing 100%.

We are beholden to the Wallingford Animal Shelter. After all they were the ones who found Doppler and made sure Doppler found us!

With that in mind Helaine had an idea, I could shoot photos of the Wallingford’s available puppies! Maybe, just maybe, flattering photos could move a shelter dog to a forever home.

We drove to Wallingford this afternoon and met with Dean and Marci and all their boarders. Lots of licks. Lots of love. Very photogenic.

It’s important for Wallingford to find homes for its residents. Here’s why from Lisa, Wallingford’s Animal Control Officer.

By law, it is entirely up to the animal control officer whether a pup lives or dies. As the animal control officer in Wallingford, I choose life. For I truly believe there is a lid for every pot – I just have to find it.

Please watch this video from today’s photoshoot and pass the word. Wouldn’t you like to rescue your new best friend?

30 thoughts on “The Puppies Of Wallingford”

  1. Wonderful job done on the video. Great idea!! My little guy Mikey, a rescue from the Meriden Humane Society is my love. I wish I could take rescues in. Not possible right now. I also loved the music. What song is it?

  2. Great photos! They sure do have some terrific dogs there, and just to remind everyone, if they don’t see the “one” in Wallingford, there are shelters just like this in just about every town that need people to adopt these wonderful well as cats and kittens. A modest adoption fee, and they will be your furever friend. We traveled to the animal shelter in West Haven in February and got one of the best dogs I have ever had.

  3. Kudo’s to Helaine and all of you! What a great idea! Wonderful video and music. I hope all these dogs get a loving home. My last three dogs were rescues – one was on its way to the shelter, one had been beaten and was in traffic and the third was abandoned by its owners who moved and the neighborhood kids dropped him off in my yard. I can’t get another one right now but when its time; if one doesn’t “fall into my lap”, I will go to a shelter. I wish people who want to breed their dogs would go to a shelter first and see just how many already need homes!

  4. Our family has always gone for rescue dogs–it just makes sense. My veterinarian son and daughter-in-law have a large pack of rescues that others have given up on. There cutest one is the dashund that had a horribly hard to treat skin condition. That little female was ‘mother’ to both our grandchildren, defending the babies from all comers, keeping the other dogs and people at a respectful distance. The doggie is finally cured, but still defending the kids–she is amazing.

    Ours are all rescues of some sort–shelter dogs, backyard breeder take-ways, etc, Its not always easy to dea with some of the issues and baggage these dogs come with, but patience and gentleness have always gotten a great pet.

    People need to realize the ‘perfect puppie’ from a breeder may r may not be that good. A somewhat older dog from a shelter can be easier to evaluate and train, and in my experience are so grateful…they really need people…

  5. PLEASE keep doing this, Scoot Haney does this on the AM news and I hate to hear him say “They have only til 3 pm to live” it breaks my heart but there is only so much room in one household. If more people see these beautiful animals maybe NONE will see that 3 pm hour come.THANK YOU and HELAINE for putting such perfect pictures of so many lonely animals who just want to love someone and be loved back.

    1. Agreed. I don’t know how much you local “weather guys” associate, but it would be great if you, Scot and perhaps some of the others could work together to promote animal adoptions.

  6. I started crying when I saw the little white dog around 3:22! He/she looks just like the dog in the commercial with Sarah McLachlan!
    I confess I’m not a dog person because they cost more money than my cat to take care of. But I’m warming up to the possibility!
    Maybe I need to visit him at the shelter?

  7. Absolutely wonderful job! I was in tears. I know Lisa and the “crew” at Wallingford Shelter well. My last 2 rescues (we have 7) are from Wallingford. Lisa, Dean and Marci are extremely dedicated, and it shows. I’m thrilled you haven’t forgetten them. I saw Doppler in her ears…adorable!
    I work at a vet hospital where I urge adopt, never shop. There are so many loving pets waiting for forever homes. I wouldn’t trade any of mine for all the money in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  8. I’ve been to the Wallingford animal shelter several
    times and their love for every animal shows.
    It’s a wonderful place to find your next
    “family member”

  9. Great Video!!
    Last year my children went to the Wallingford Dog Pound to
    do Community Service for National Honor Society.When I went to pick them out they came out with a dog they wanted to take home”just for the night” I was supplied with everything I needed
    for a couple days if I wanted. Well she never went back!! Lilly is the sweetest dog ever. I’m able to bring her anywhere, she’s great with kids, and can let her outside and she will never leave the boundries of the yard. I did not do a thing to train her ! There are so many animals in need of good homes that you do not need to pay a fortune for!!! If you are looking for your next pet, go to the Wallingford Animal Shelter 1ST!!

  10. What a video! You captured the innocence of the homeless! The pictures show happy and healthy pups…that All need homes. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take such great pictures!

  11. Wonderful video. Perfect music. Proof, in case you needed it, that you should listen to Helaine. She has good ideas!

  12. What a great video! There are too many homeless animals in the world that need people like you to give them a voice. Please, everyone, consider rescuing one of these loving little guys! They’ll give as much love to you as you give to them!

  13. Laura says:
    Hi Jeff,
    What a blessing that you did this video – THANK YOU so much.
    I hope all those sweet babies find good homes…
    Meanwhile, thank God the shelter where they are, looks like a loving, clean and caring place thats keeping them safe…God Bless!

  14. What a wonderful video. The Wallingford Animal Shelter is clearly doing an amazing job. Keep up the great work !

  15. What a great video! I got a cat for the Wallingford shelter, he is a love. They are all wonderful people who take care of these wonderful animals!

  16. I hope all of the dogs find a new home.Great vidio. They all have such personalities that shine through your pictures.The Wallingford animal shelter does such a great job.

  17. Great pictures! I got my dog from a shelter 11 years ago and he is the best dog ever. Enjoy yours, I love the name Dopler!

  18. What a wonderful job you did capturing the expessions of each dog! They are all beautiful and I hope they all soon find a home! Thanks for taking the time to help the Wallingford Shelter.

    1. Great job Helaine and Geoff what a wonderful video the music and pictures are perfect! Hoping all these wonderful pups find homes that will love them everyday and take care of them!! We got our kitty girl from a shelter too and love her so! What a wonderful gesture hearts of gold! :)Give them a chance!!

  19. Really nice video, really nice idea. I have a rescue cocker spaniel, and if I ever get another dog, it will most certainly be a rescue again. Thank you for using your talents and your name to help these dogs. It is a very special cause. And a special thanks to Helaine for giving you the idea. It seems either she is a good influence on you, or you are a good influence on her. My guess is it is both!!

  20. I adored this video!!! Geoff, you and Helaine are just magnificent ! Thank you for sharing these beautiful fur friends who need a home! We have 3 pups here and they are wonderful companions. They cost very little for the love they give. I really hope people take the time to consider one of these lovely rescues. They won’t be sorry and you guys will have the joy of knowing your collaborative effort worked!!!

  21. Helaine and Geoff: WONDERFUL, just simply WONDERFUL!!! You have a God-given talent with your camera & the ability to reach thousands of people and you’ve done an awesome job! I firmly believe that even though we might have climbed many mountains in our lives and many grand achievements, the only thing we will be judged by is how we help others, be it people or animals and you’ve done both. God bless both of you and the little Doppster.

  22. I cried so much. Happy, sad just so much emotion. Bless their hearts. may they all have the happiness they deserve. The pitbulls made my heart melt. Such wonderful amazing gentle dogs. Ahhhh…..I may soon go rescue me one more. Thanks for this video Geoff! Keep rescuing people!

  23. Lovely! Lisa told me to Google this and it is beautiful! One of my forever friends, Lucy, is one of the little beagles near the beginning. She has made a wonderful addition to our family. I recognize lots of the others too since I visit when I can. It would be great if you could do another video now to showcase the amazing dogs they currently have. They are a dedicated group of people but it would be nice if their shelter was empty.

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