A Year Already

From a professional and creative standpoint it’s been a very good move. I didn’t know stations like this still exist! I can guarantee there aren’t many.

Today marks my first anniversary at FoxCT. It doesn’t seem that long. Time flies when you’re having fun… and as you get older.

That first day here I came to work with a batch of cookies from Helaine. Her idea. Great idea. The way to a co-worker’s heart is through his/her stomach! It’s tough to start on the wrong foot if you meet someone cookie in hand.

From a professional and creative standpoint it’s been a very good move. I didn’t know stations like this still exist! I can guarantee there aren’t many. There’s been too much retrenching in TV news. There has been too much slashing.

No business has all the people they need or all the equipment. We come very close.

I still meet people who say they miss me. They say they used to watch me. That makes me sad. Old habits die hard.

One-by-one we’re convincing people to watch us. There have surely been shifts in the past year. We’re not done.

I wouldn’t ask you to watch if I wasn’t proud of what we do–proud in the abstract and proud compared to the other choices.

I could have packed it in after my personal ‘nightmare on Elm Street.’ Helaine said, “you still have too much TV in you.”

Indeed I do.

I’ve said this around a million times, but I’ll say it once more right now. I owe this job to you!

I was not hired based on my talent, though I’d like to think I have some. I was hired because my bosses hoped I’d bring you along. I am valuable because of you.

Thank you.

22 thoughts on “A Year Already”

  1. Wow, it’s been a year since you started at FoxCT??? Doesn’t seem that long. Thank you, Geoff, for all you’ve done for us. I feel you’ve been allowed to exercise your creative freedoms there. Going to FoxCT has been, in my eyes, a benefit! Thank you!!!

  2. I’m so glad you were able to stay in CT – and I’m glad to have discovered Fox 61. I hope it will be a long and happy relationship for all of us!

  3. you’re too modest, geoff. your talent along with your charm, humanity, delivery and grace are why we fought for and then followed you 🙂 thank you for staying on our CT TVs and for letting us into your personal world through this blog 🙂

    congrats on year 1!

  4. What I would be most interested in knowing is what the viewing stats are and how much they have changed since you joined the network. Come on Geoff I know your following the numbers now share them …… lol

  5. Geoff, I remember being lucky enough to meet you where I work( Dr.Fortgang) I was so excited I could hardly breath I used to tell everyone you were my Idol and there you were LOL I always watched you never missed and still do, I was ecstatic you were hired here in Ct and do my best to convince people to watch. It is wonderful to watch the weather and enjoy the presentation I feel like there are times when I actually am being educated you are wonderfully articulate and entertaining and Helaine is right you do have tv in you. You are Mr. Television. Happy One year and thanks for the enjoyment when Is Doppler going to make an appearance ?? Thank FOX 61 for being so smart!!!!

  6. Not only do you house God given talents in knowledge, presentation, speech, writing, photography, technology, video and accompanying music selection. You’re also a truly kind and good heart. Your love for Ivy and now Doppler showcases that tender side. Helaine has such a beautiful heart, that anyone she meets also knows you’re amazing. A woman of her caliber would not select less.  Please tell me you can’t sing or dance? As God gifted Geoff Fox with the lions share. Perhaps, All Knowing it would be used for such good!  I’m glad you’re humble, it’s one of many qualities that keep your fans applauding!  Wolf whistles and crowd sized applause on your one year anniversary! I wish you, and those that love “our Geoff Fox,” many more!

  7. I watched as long as cablevision carried fox 61, Now I catch you via the web when I can, but not as much as I would like.

    Congratulations on 1 year.

  8. We couldn’t be happier! We got to keep our Geoff, and got a great new station to boot! Many of us feel that you and Helaine are dear ” old friends” and a good number of us were just furious with that Elm St.incident. It made me learn not to take wonderful people for granted!!!

  9. Geoff, I switched to watching Fox when you moved there, and I continue to be impressed with the caliber of the entire enterprise. I really like being able to watch good news at 10, yet there is still the 11 show if I’m still up. Congrats on your first anniversary!!

  10. I had never watched FoxCT before they hired you. Now they are my first choice for news. I never watch your old station, even though I am in the New Haven area. I get angry every time I see that station. They have gotten rid of many good people and the replacements seem marginal. (OK, I did watch once or twice to see how things were over there. Without Dr. Mel, they have nothing.). Anyway, congratulations on your first anniversary.

  11. Thanks for moving to a more welcoming station a year ago. It was such a shock to learn you were not where we expected you to be! I do watch the Fox News because of you. When you mention stations like where you are it kind of reminds me of the old days at school..Graham Jr College..Communications Major. Glad to have you out there.
    Oh, forgot, we knew you in Buffalo, NY, too!

  12. You converted me over at night. I still watch 8 in the AM mostly because they are a lead in to GMA. You tell them to figure out a way to cover that one and I am a Day and Night person.

    Any impressions on the WXedge site?

    1. I took a brief look a few weeks ago. I think it’s a smart idea on their part. It doesn’t offer the tools someone like I would need, but I applaud their effort for weather active viewers.

  13. Your talent is the reason we watch FoxCT. Otherwise, many of us would never go near anything associated with the Fox corporate broadcasting empire because it’s just too scary in its departure from reality.

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