The Charming Barack Obama Is Back

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine not voting for him in November, but he’s acting differently and I consider that pandering. The Jimmy Fallon appearance last night is a case in point.

I see the charming Barack Obama is back. You remember that guy. He ran for president in ’08.

This upsets me.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine not voting for him in November, but he’s acting differently and I consider that pandering. The Jimmy Fallon appearance last night is a case in point. Is there really that much spare time in the presidential day?

Maybe my problem is when he’s personable I’m much more likely to see him as the progressive he really isn’t. He’s a centrist in spite of all the vicious rhetoric aimed his way.

Trust me if when Mitt Romney begins his anticipated Etch-a-Sketch turnaround I’ll equally get on his case.

19 thoughts on “The Charming Barack Obama Is Back”

  1. you mean the Snake Charmer! sorry Geoff but America won’t be fooled AGAIN, and no i am not a republican, i was a life long democrat until 2008 and then changed to independent because of the Snake Charmer…..

    1. Tammy –

      Among my favorite stories is the one about the grandmother who brings her grandson to the beach. While she lets him alone he goes in too deep, gets pulled under and is about to drown.

      A lifeguard, seeing what’s happened swims out and plucks the boy from the water just in the nick of time!

      As the boy lies on the beach, the lifeguard finishing his resuscitation the grandmother shows up, looks down and says, “He was wearing a hat.”

      Republicans are the grandmother.

  2. I’m with Tammy on this and hope this guy gets the boot in November. Regardless, I’m a big fan of you Geoff and have been watching you for many years. Keep up the good work!

  3. Gotta be careful mixing politics, and especially alcohol, with weather forecasting Geoff. Do you remember how Tex Antione, a New York weatherman in the 50’s and 60’s, got thrown off the air in the middle of a broadcast? It was classic. (Google him if you don’t know.) I have a feeling stating your political views these days may get you in similar hot water. Unfortunate, but that’s how bad things have gotten.

    1. Tex Antoine attempted a terribly heartless, thoughtless and cruel ‘joke’ about rape. Are you implying there’s similarity?

    2. And here I thought this was a personal blog. For like, years. Weather and politics apparently don’t mix? Then this is a sad day, because both can change in a New York minute and we have about as much control over one as the other.

      And it’s campaign season. He’s doing it. Two years ago it would have been unseemly, but now is (to my mind) entirely appropriate.

      Note: I do not declare how I vote in this reply. It’s no more of your business than it is to rip on how you assume the author of this blog might.

      Also, where’d the alcohol thing come in?

  4. I am unaffiliated because I would NEVER vote for the party, but the person. In fact, I wish there were no parties. I have voted for both, in local and national elections. I don’t feel people who are in a position to influence others (ie. celebrities), should publicly promote candidates. People need to listen to the candidates and make up their own minds. Unfortunately, there are too many who don’t want to bother and instead blindly follow the loudest.

  5. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. But he sure can relate to the regular people, unlike Mitt who does not have a clue how the rest of us live nor has he ever had to. I am an independent and considering how the pubs want to send women’s rights back about 50 years I think I will stick with Obama. I have voted both ways, I vote who I think will do the best job for the majority of the people, not just a chosen few. None of them are perfect or ever are.

  6. Personally, I’m not a fan of any of the candidates running.  This is the first year I’ve considered not voting. Which is a damn shame. 

    I suppose I will have to select the best from what I believe to be “less than.” for I truly loath the idea of not casting a vote. I must. 

    I don’t want a president that seems star struck, and in NEED of approval.  Nor do I want one that allegedly put his dog in a kennel atop his car for an extended trip.  Both actions speak loud. Neither is flattering. 

    I want a leader we can respect and admire. One that makes decisions based on what is best for our country, albeit perhaps, not the most popular choice. Short term. 

    Both are good men I’m sure. As the saying goes … “there is good in the worst of us, and bad in the best.”

    I wish for a President compassion driven for the good of all Americans, long term. Humble, hard working, with an ear to listen and a mind intelligent enough to discern.  I think I’m foolishly hoping for a modern day Abe Lincoln. 

    That’s my paultry two cents. 

    1. I think this election will have a clear choice. The Republicans and Democrats want very different things. Who is elected will have a huge impact on nearly every American.

  7. Geoff, You know where I stand on the upcoming election, so I won’t get into the why or why not issue on the current president, But I wouldn’t expect anything less from you if or should I say when Mitt also does the flip.

  8. I don’t want a rock star for POTUS .These are
    Very serious times we need serious people.Either
    party shows any promise to me it’s very scary.Now
    is the time for a 3 rd party if ever we needed one

  9. There are no Presidents past or present that have no played to the comedians. I for one, will proudly vote for Barack Obama and feel confident that the Republicans will not be telling me my children and grandchildren what they can and can not do with their bodies. Women rights sold me on this election shame on the right wing!

    As far as late night comedy? Love it and hope our President does more of these. It shows a human factor and I like that being shown. No shame in it at all. Lighten up folks its going to be a long ride to November!

  10. I like President Barack Obama and it was nice to see him relaxed on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night. Doesn’t he deserve some down time? Gheesh! If I recall, President Clinton played his sax on late night talk shows. I enjoy hearing him talk about Michelle and his daughters and also like his sense of humor. One needs a sense of humor to be president of this country.

  11. The winner of this election will likely nominate the next Supreme Court justice, deal with a still-faltering economy, and decide whether to start another war. Yet here we are, talking about Jimmy Fallon and dogs on top of cars. Anyone searching Internet archives a hundred years from now and discovering this thread will conclude we were nuts. I’m not sure they’d be wrong.

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