Sanaa At The Daffodil Festival

I spent part of the afternoon in Meriden at the Daffodil Festival. The daffodils have already come and gone. The festival was still a great party.

I got to meet a bunch of viewers. I shook hands and signed a few autographs… and then I met Sana.

I hope I’ve spelled her name right.

She and her husband were at the festival with their three small children. They live here, but are from Casablanca, Morocco.

Sanaa knew who I was. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Don’t go to sleep yet.” She did it with conviction. She did it with panache.

I asked her to say it again on camera.

2 thoughts on “Sanaa At The Daffodil Festival”

  1. Haha, well done! I didn’t know you were at the Daffodil Festival. My daughter & I were there with her fife & drum corps, then we saw you in the evening at JDRF’s gala, with the mentors. Thank you for all you do for our communities, Geoff. The visibility you bring to things like the festival and JDRF is very much appreciated!

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