Justice Ginsburg: Stand-up Comic

As widely reported in the ‘nerd press,’ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bade Ginsburg auditioned for a spot on Comedy Central’s next celebrity roast a few nights ago.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal‘s take:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got props for her routine Friday night, when she contested her reputation as the least funny member of the Supreme Court with a quip-filled address to the American Constitution Society, a liberal legal organization holding its convention in Washington.

One pending Supreme Court case, concerning profane words spoken by minor celebrities on television, “asks whether the FCC’s current indecency policy violates the First or Fifth Amendment. ‘The Paris Hiltons of the world,’ my law clerks told me, ‘eagerly await the decision,’” Justice Ginsburg said. “‘It is beyond my comprehension,’ I told the clerks, ‘how the FCC can claim jurisdiction to ban words spoken in a hotel on French soil.’”

So I bit him.

One thought on “Justice Ginsburg: Stand-up Comic”

  1. She has some funny stories. Like the time she forced Justice Souter, who was kind of a hermit, to go to the opera with her.

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