The Less Interesting Me

Friday will make four weeks since I’ve worked. That’s sad.

As a blog writer, being home has made me a less interesting storyteller. I’ve just got a lot fewer stories to tell! I’m also feeling a little worthless. At the moment I’m a taker, not a giver.

At one time I’d hoped to be productive while home. Uh huh. Laying on my side on the sofa limits productivity. This is not the optimal position for keyboard work or any work. It’s certainly not the best way to eat!

I’ve had the TV on a lot. I’ve joined Helaine for every Philles game. They’re blowing out the Marlins right now.

Helaine’s spared me most of the shows she records. That’s true love considering I’m a captive audience.

I’ve soured on MSNBC. I still watch a little, but they have become the Fox News of the left! I don’t mind a little slant and attitude, but MSNBC’s eliminated much of their objectivity too.

This afternoon I visited the doctor in New Haven. I’m better than I was, but still in lots of pain. The epidural of last week helped, but not enough.

Based on Facebook and blog comments it’s often the second or third injection that does the trick. We try again tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “The Less Interesting Me”

  1. Good luck tomorrow, Geoff! I hope this treatment does the trick. You are probably tired of hearing us say how much we miss you on air….but we sure do! GET WELL SOON!

  2. Hoping for the best tomorrow, Geoff! Really miss seeing you in the evenings and I hope you are feeling better soon. My Aunt Jennifer is on staff at the Guilford Surgery Center and was in the room with you last week – if you are headed there again tomorrow, tell her I said hello!

  3. Geoff…….I have a suggestion. Have you thought about going to a pool for therapy?
    I have back & sciatic problems. I go to Faulkner’s Physical Therapy in Wallingford 3 days a week and it helps me tremendously! When you get into water that is 90 degrees, your whole body melts and feels wonderful. Sometimes all you have to do is “hang” in the deep end of the pool and everything comes into alignment. I go for the aerobic class; but they do have a stretch class also. Please give it some thought.

    1. I go to both classes and they are great. The Tue & Th “stretching” class actually does a lot of core work — just what those of us with back issues need! And for those of you out there, it’s $35/mo for unlimited access. Amazing.

  4. Geoff, this one will get your brain going:
    I saw it originally on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, where a producer wrote that this is the kind of thing “management” doesn’t think is a good idea, but everyone else knew it was genius. Mapping something like this out could be just the brain therapy you need to get you ready to go back to work!

  5. Like everyone else, I’ve been missing seeing you. Having known several people with varous back problems, it is often a long slow healing process. HANG IN THERE!!! The worst mistake is to think you feel better and do too much, too soon. I know it isn’t easy, but be paptient.

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