My Back, Back In The O.R.

I am home and back on the sofa. Today was another ‘procedure’ at the Yale’s Shoreline Surgery Center in Guilford, or as it’s called internally “The Yale Beach Cottage.”

I am home and back on the sofa. Today was another ‘procedure’ at the Yale’s Shoreline Surgery Center in Guilford, or as it’s called internally “The Yale Beach Cottage.”

It’s a pretty simple treatment.

I was wheeled into the operating room where I got up and transferred myself to another gurney. Last week I had to be helped as I rolled between the two.

At this point I was head down, eyes closed. I do know there was a fluoroscope over my back–basically a real time X-ray. It allowed the neurosurgeon to properly aim his syringe.

Not yet! First a few shots of lidocaine (or something similar) to deaden the area.

Now the main event! The epidural placed a steroid directly on my herniated disk. It hurt, but nowhere near as much as last week. My time in the O.R. couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes.

My upper leg and butt are still a little numb (the cause and effect of my problem are in different places but both felt the effect of the lidocaine), but it seems there’s less pain. I’ll know better tomorrow and the next few days.

Call me cautiously optimistic. Even if this doesn’t fully fix my problem I can get one more injection before considering more invasive treatment.

I’m in love with the nurses at the SSC. Linda was there from last week. Mary was with me as I recovered. She is possibly the world’s most Irish person! I wish I remembered more names.

Word is as Yale/New Haven rolled out this new facility in Guilford, management wanted an experienced staff in case of unforeseen problems. That’s why it’s loaded with confident grown-ups. I approve.

Almost as impressive is the gadget in the photo. It’s an Exergen Temporal Scanner, though you can call it a thermometer. Yes, items like this are sold over-the-counter, but it was a first for me to have this magic wand brush across my forehead and neck and immediately display my temperature.

It’s magic.

Hell, if the epidural works it’s all magic!

11 thoughts on “My Back, Back In The O.R.”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    So sorry you are still suffering! I hope the injection helps, but I have never heard anything positive about them. Not to be so negative, I have had multiple injections with no relief at all. One of them actually numbed me from the waist down to my toes for three days. No kidding .. absolutely no feeling at all. And as the med wore off, my pain increased more and more. As of today, I am permanently disabled … all from a stupid accident while I was as work. Oh well, what can you do. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck & I pray you find relief soon!

  2. Wish you the best. A lot of people suffer with back pain that can be life changing. It’s very real and very frustrating. Good luck!

  3. Geoff, I can so relate to all of this. Last year on Sept 1st I had a spinal fusion in my c5-c7 discs in my neck, sadly as of today it hasn’t gotten any better rather much worse. They did the epidural on me as well before surgery but it only made my condition worse. After a year from having my surgery I still have extreme pain in my neck, my hands go completely numb all the time and in addition to my neck an shoulder pain I have such Liam in my lower back I can’t stand more than 5 min. On Friday I go in for an EMG, not looking forwar to it. They shock some of your nerves to see if there’s damage and where as well as still you with needles, the nurse told me it hurts just as much if not worse than the epidural, and I know mine was pretty painful, they couldn’t numb me enough for it. Best of luck to you, I hope your recovery ends up better than mine.

  4. I hope this gives you some relief! I know (but not from experience) that back pain is a terrible thing and difficult to get relief from it. I will give my husband more sympathy when he complains about his from now on!

  5. Geoff:
    My 2nd epidural worked wonders for my spinal stenosis. I have been pain free ever since and that was 2 years+. Don’t lose faith.

  6. Toni: I will never have another EMG as long as I live. That was THE single most painful test I have ever experienced.

    Geoff, if they ever order an EMG for you, run for the hills, or crawl, whatever. Just, OMG, it is worse than childbirth and I’ve done that four times. I hope you’re feeling better. I pray every night for your recovery, selfishly b/c I want to see you back on TV, lol.

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