The Pass I’ll Use Sparingly

Tonight, without yet having it, the parking pass seems like a good idea. I’ve walked and stood more today than over the last two months! I’m not in significant pain, but my right leg is definitely telling me I’ve come to its limit. Pain is the next step–figuratively and literally.

My plan was to stop at the DMV on my way to work this afternoon. I know. Columbus Day. Oops.

Actually, I know now. I didn’t know then, or at least until I saw the big sign blocking the entrance in Wethersfield.

I went to get a six month handicapped parking pass.

This was one of those iffy things. Should I or shouldn’t I? I only wanted it for work where where it seems like we park in West Hartford… possibly Avon and hoof it back.

Tonight, without having it, the pass seems like a very good idea. I’ve walked and stood more today than over the last two months! I’m not in significant pain, but my right leg is definitely telling me I’ve come to its limit. Pain is the next step–figuratively and literally.

This is so typically a guy thing! Any time I feel OK for a few minutes or a few hours I think I’m fine. Then reality returns.

I head back to the DMV tomorrow (Tuesdays are half days? You’re kidding!) or Wednesday. I promise to use the pass sparingly.

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  1. Geoff – in looking on the CT DMV web site – it looks like offices are open normal hours tomorrow. Hamden’s office says 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. for Tuesday.

  2. You can apply by mail, btw. Avoid the lines. I got mine by mail–just needed the doctor’s office to fill out their part of the application, I mailed it in, had the thing in a week. You will appreciate having it. If I feel good, I park and walk. But having it has been a blessing the past few weeks when I’ve really been suffering with fatigue and weakness from severe anemia. Thankfully I’ve finally got doctors who know what they are doing, and I am on the mend. But when you need it, you will be grateful to have it.

    1. Sheryl – You can’t apply for the temporary pass by mail (and it costs $5).

      After writing this blog entry my leg told me close-in parking is a good thing. I had two ‘twinges’ strong enough to stop me in my tracks and make me wince out loud. Unlike my pre-op self any pain was gone almost instantaneously.

  3. I’m thinking that you have to have a form signed by your doctor. You can find it on the DMV website. You are a perfect example of why they have temporary handicapped parking passes. In the meantime, try to be off your feet as much as possible given the fact that you work on your feet, hehe.

    1. Diane – I have done all the paperwork. My neurosurgeon actually had to look up his license number (which is required).

      I agree. It’s made for people like me. But like most people, I’m a little embarrassed and will try to not use it in situations where more needy people would be shut out (single spaces, for example).

  4. Have you researched taking some supplemental vitamins to aid in the healing process? A good multi-vit and extra B12 and C will do you good. Zei gezunt

  5. Get the hang tag. You need to conserve your energy while you are healing. It takes awhile for your muscles to get back in shape. Good luck!

  6. Geoff, We weren’t closed today because of Columbus Day. We’re ALWAYS closed on Mondays. We closed early last Friday and were closed last Saturday because of the holiday. All major branches are open Tues, Wed & Fri from 7:45-4:00, Thurs 9:15-5:30 and Saturday 8-12:30. Exceptions are Derby, Middletown, Milford and Putnam. Here’s a link:

    Holiday hours are always listed on the main page of our website too. It’s always a good idea to check before going to any branch. (This PSA is for your readers too)

    1. Cindy – I hope I didn’t leave the impression I blamed the DMV. It was I who didn’t look first. Now, because of stupidity I can’t reveal tonight, I probably won’t go tomorrow either.

      1. Geoff, you did not leave that impression at all. I just wanted to clarify that we’re always closed on Mondays and how our holidays work for the future reference of yourself and your readers. Customer service is important to me whether I’m working or not. The more informed people are the less stressful the trip to the DMV can be.

  7. I watched you on the 4PM news and thought about what you had said about getting to work early . I wondered then how you would make it to 11PM. Unless the studio has a room that you con go to on your off time to stretch out in.
    We all seem to forget about how much time one is on their feet or sitting around waiting. Plus you have the long drive up and back—-healing takes time. It is hard when you have to go back to full force—-much the same for the medical field.

  8. Geoff, my mom had a handicapped tag because she had COPD. However, if she was feeling OK, she wouldn’t use it. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it. Use it when you need it, or if you think you’ll have trouble getting back to the car at the end of the day.

    Was glad to see you on the 4 p.m. newscast yesterday.

  9. Use it until you’re healed. Don’t worry about taking up the space that someone needs. You need it and should use it. That’s the purpose for it.

  10. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. You should not feel bad about using your handicap pass, I have a lifetime pass (which expires when my license expires) and because I am young and don’t look the part I guess, I get alot of looks when using it. Unfortunately, because of those who do abuse this right of handicapped people, I mean the ones who are not handicapped and are using someone elses pass, others tend to judge too quickly and have a hard time distinguishing who legitimately has a pass and who is illegally abusing this right. I am 43 and have been permanently disabled for 3 1/2 yrs now because of my back. I had my first discectomy when I was 25 yrs old and have since had 3 other surgeries including another discectomy, fusion, and neurostimulator implant. I have had months and months of physical therapy through the years and every injection they have for back pain. Unfortunately my back pain doesn’t respond and I am in pain everyday. I take medications for pain (nerve pain, muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory meds as well as plain old pain meds) which I don’t take if I have to drive. Some days are better than other days, depending on the weather alot. I try not to use my handicap pass when I have good days but sometimes by the time I am going back to my car the pain really kicks up and I struggle to get there. The point is, that is what the pass is intended for and you and I should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to use it! You are the only one that knows your pain level and your limitations and you should not feel bad about needing to use your pass. In your case it’s only temporary. I hope the State of CT figures out a way to catch and fine those that are abusing these passes!!!

  11. Get it and use it. It has saved my back many times. I don’t park in a handicapped space if I can get a reasonable normal spot, but in most cases it is very helpful.

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