You Can’t Stop It

Rachel and I were discussing the forecast tonight. Two fronts by Saturday. Frost, maybe a hard freeze, in spots Saturday and Sunday mornings.

It’s coming. Winter. You just can’t stop it.

People are surprised I’m not excited by snow.

“You must love winter storms,” they’ll say.


It’s a pain. It’s a pain to drive in. It’s a pain to dress for. It’s a pain to deal with.

It’s more than a pain, it’s a royal pain, to forecast! And this is the time of year viewers (like you) are most interested in specifics. I wish I could take the Romney approach here and go light on the details.

Science has its limits. Winter storms are complex. Sometimes the correct solution is beyond our capabilities. If working harder would make my winter forecasts more accurate I’d stay up all night!

At Hartford, October’s daily high starts at 69&#176 on the first and ends up 58&#176 on the 31st. We lose another 11 degrees in November. Daily highs don’t bottom out until we’re 2/3 done with January.

Leaves have begun to fall more rapidly.

We’re getting new winter coats at work.

You just can’t stop it.

10 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop It”

  1. I am glad that you do not take the Obama approach. Then you would tell us what you think we want to hear, get elected and totally ignore those commitments! What happened to: reduce the deficit, health care costs will go down, there will be no rationing of health services, out of Guantanamo etc. Worse he Dictates many other edicts, ala Congress cannot learn the Fast and Furious details, key appointments made by bypassing Congress, while it WAS in session.

    I prefer Geoff’s approach to weather. You forecast the good and the Bad equally, with an unbiased approach. That is far closer to the Romney approach. Like Romney, you will also humbly admit a mistake, often with an explaination as to what led to the wrong forecast. You feel your viewers are entitled to those details.

  2. Not looking forward to winter, two knee replacements make it more difficult in the cold, never mind trying to walk outside when it’s slippery. Maybe it’s time to head south!

  3. Not loving how quickly we got here! A week ago wearing sandals & cropped pants-now socks & boots & sweaters. Grrr… my feet hate it! I’d so much rather be sweating!

  4. As I have gotten older, winter has had less appeal to me than it did when I was in school. Then it was whooo-Hoooo! No school! Now its Ohhhh-Nooo! got to find a sitter for the kids.

  5. Yeah the plants on the deck will have to come in for sure. The a/c will have to come out and I’ll have to get extra food for the outside cats. Oh joy.
    I like fall and I likie having some snow for the holidays but as far as I’m concerned it can all melt away january 2nd and go back to being 70 and sunny.

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