Four Weeks Post-Op

A lot of you have been asking about my well being now that a month has passed since my surgery.

Pretty good.

My intense pain was caused by a disc pressing against the main nerve that runs through my right leg. The surgery fixed that.

Unfortunately the nerve was pretty mashed up and nerves tend to be unforgiving.

I’ve been getting minor twinges or extremely brief moments of pain, but much less intense. Sunday, for the first time, I suffered no pain.

There are things I still can’t/don’t do. Standing tall and look up is a bad move for me.

I took my little toy car out for a few minutes today. I hadn’t driven the car since early August! I’ll probably take it to work tomorrow.

When it works medical science is amazing. The difference in my life is immense.

Thanks to all of you who sent along good wishes and kept me in your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Four Weeks Post-Op”

  1. Hi Geoff,
    As a 90 year old wheelchair lady, (from spinal nerve problem), please let me say how happy I am that you have recovered from your surgery. I wish you many more years of mobility. Keep on moving!

  2. Good to learn that you are so much better. The twinges aren’t fun, but so much better than the constant pain of the past. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. Boy Geoff I guess that the old saying must be true “time flies the older you get” Can’t believe it’s been a month already!
    So glad you are having less and less pain. 🙂

  4. So glad to hear the pain is less Geoff. Hope it continues to get batter as time passes – whoever said no pain no gain was a fool! I say no pain HURRAY!!!

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