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I’m not entirely sure what the future will hold, but I’ve started building some new websites. Maybe that’s the answer for me, web design? It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing in the past.

Here’s the problem, right now I work at the speed of a hobbyist. I know what I’m doing, but I’m not as fast as I can be. That will change.

As has been my practice over the last few years I build websites using WordPress. WP was originally designed as blog software. This blog runs on WordPress.

Nowadays it’s often the choice for more conventional websites. WordPress is very versatile with hundreds of special purpose plug-ins available and an active (and helpful) community of developers.

WordPress is the software that provides the framework to store a site’s content–words, images, video.

I design the ‘front end’–how the website looks. WordPress handles the backend you don’t see.

I do most of my work in CSS and HTML with a tiny bit of PHP thrown in. These are computer languages web browsers understands. Spelling counts! The code must be properly written following exactly the rules of the language.

As I put these sites online I’ll let you take a look so you can tell me what you think.

It’s meticulous work, but when a project comes out and looks good it’s very rewarding.

10 thoughts on “Working On The Web”

  1. As I recall, you did a website for a church a while ago, and it came out really good. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in this field. You have a talent for it, along with all the other subjects you are amazing at! (Forgive the preposition at the end of that sentence. It’s one of my pet peeves, but it’s also after my bedtime.)

      1. Yes indeed, the website came out beautifully! You have no idea how helpful the site is in keeping our members informed and attracting new visitors as well.

        I’m glad to hear you are pursuing it … you have a natural talent for it! I’ve got two main reasons for highly recommending your services:

        1) What sets you apart Geoff is hard to put into words but it goes something like this. You visited our site (in this case a church) and got a good feel for our culture and our people. You then somehow expressed that culture visually & functionality, which is not easy to do. You found that perfect balance between traditional but not antiquated. Historical yet still fresh. Slightly understated but still active. Simple but comprehensive.

        2) The nicest site in the world isn’t very helpful when it’s not current. You patiently tutored me on how to keep the site updated. This is clutch!

        Many thanks again,
        Liza & your friends in Beacon Falls

        P.S. WordPress tells me I have a BUNCH of updates to do. Should I go for it? I fear my plugins will get all wonky if I do. Like how I butter you up with compliments right before I hit you up for free advice? 😉

  2. WordPress has become remarkably versatile! Creating something that looks sharp is great, but the real trick is in making something that can be easily maintained by people who don’t necessarily know a lot about the back end. It will always be a hobby for me, and I would love to turn over my own site to someone who could spiff it up and streamline some things for me so I can focus on what I do best and just make updates. There’s a goal. I’ll put it on the list… sigh…

    Glad you’re moving forward!

  3. WordPress is no longer just a blog platform, it’s become a full CMS (Content Management System). Stats say WordPress currently powers 18-20 % of the websites in the world.

    Good luck, GF!

  4. I’m just starting a WordPress for my church. First time using WordPress . I’m a Dreamweaver gal. It seems the easiest things are what trips me up sometimes. What editor do you use? I have to abandon Dreamweaver for this because Dreamweaver adds so much extra coding.

    Good luck with your endeavors. What about starting your own tech and weather site?

  5. I have a clunky website and I would LOVE someone to help me with it! Maybe that’s what you should do – consult, assist!

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