We Are The Jetsons

You’ll forgive me if this entry isn’t perfect.  I am in bed.  Helaine is asleep next to me.  Doppler is at the foot of the bed.  The TV is on softly.

I’m using a tablet and tracing my words withTouchPal. Not as good as a keyboard,  but functional.

It’s easy to become jaded. The technology is ubiquitous.

As I watched Jon Stewart the tablet was on the floor displaying a loop from the Nexrad radar on Long Island.  Amazing.  It’s available, free and the best that exists.

We are the Jetsons.  We Are Buck Rogers.  It’s not done yet.

Embrace the technology or be left behind.

5 thoughts on “We Are The Jetsons”

  1. I’ve long said that I think Star Trek has shown us a pretty accurate view of our future. However, it’s not the Federation – it’s the Borg. Oddly, I’m fine with that.

  2. Just got a new phone system for the house, going thru the menu’s me the same feeling. Big advanement from the old system.

  3. Yeah.

    Though… I still want my flying car. And house robot. Or…alternately, if we’re talking Star Trek in the comments here….I want a phaser and the Enterprise.

  4. My husband wants the machine from the Jetsons that will take him out of bed and dress him. Until that happens, I’m not impressed. : )

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