From Hobby To Business

I’ve been making websites for years. It’s a creative process and I enjoy it a lot. It’s going to be my new occupation going forward.

Things are coming together piece-by-piece. I’m putting together a portfolio of my work. A new website,, is nearly complete.

My goal is to put together sites for small businesses and professional practices. It wasn’t always true, but today anyone who has a customer or client needs a website. It’s the new first impression in the 21st Century!

All my sites will be handbuilt atop WordPress. WP was originally blogging software, but today it’s the world’s CMS of choice.

I’ve put together two sites for attorneys. While I await approval on the first, I’ll show you the second. It was built for my Cousin Melissa in California.

When DopplerDesign goes live I’ll spread the word… and hopefully you will too.

17 thoughts on “From Hobby To Business”

  1. Geoff! Happy to see you putting your hobby to work! Loved that website you did a year or so for the little church. Your cousin’s site is great! Crisp, professional looking and I like the listing of her specialties. So many people cram way too much into a page and it gets too busy. This is just right. Also like the “Facebook” button. Makes it easy to share with friends. (best of all, like the name of your company–nice to have Doppler working in a trade!). 😀

  2. Very clear, simple to navigate, and easy on the eyes. One small editing suggestion (if I”m right): Wouldn’t “…as your lawyers, we …” be more grammatically correct instead of “…as your lawyer, we …?”

  3. Congrats on the new venture, Geoff! Can you also create a website where we can access your weather reports? I still rely on your forecasts over anyone else’s.

  4. Honestly, as someone who has been in the profession and also a hobby to business entrepreneur…its not easy to drum up business and you have to keep ahead of what people want. Flash, CSS, etc…the general public is a hassle most of the time but having your work published and out there is a great feeling. is available, you could make it a weather blog – a little video and doppler action would be nice.

    1. Like the weather blog idea. How about dressing Doppler up for the day’s weather? (If Doppler wasn’t up for it, “cheating” via Photoshop would be fine.)

  5. Good for you! Nice to see Doppler adding her expertise. Took a look at Melissa’s website. Impressive. Looks very clean and direct to the point. Love the large banner at the top and the photo. One can see the family resemblance. Best of luck in this new adventure. When one door closes, a window opens up….. Hope this is your window!

  6. Good luck with this new venture. I think that you are going to miss (and probably do, now) being in the public eye and not having day to day contact—but one has to do the thing that will keep you afloat in today’s world.
    I couldn’t pull up the website, but will try again.
    Are you still spokesperson for the Subaru dealer, or did they pull that too?
    Miss seeing you on TV—wouldn’t give 2 nickels for the replacements!

      1. I got it. Nice work. Good luck with future endeavors.
        Thanks also for your weather updates—it gives me a better picture of what to expect. BB

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