It’s Winter In Connecticut

Helaine walks Doppler in light snow

I took out “Clicky” late this afternoon as Helaine was walking Doppler. Light snow was falling.

Is there any redeeming quality to a day like this? Not enough snow to be beneficial. Only enough for discomfort!

The good news is pitchers and catchers report next week!

4 thoughts on “It’s Winter In Connecticut”

  1. I trust you guys are both feeling much better now. It’s hard to be stuck inside because of the cold, and then feeling “under the weather” too. It’s nice to have your forecasts again! Wonderful seeing Doppler too. 🙂

  2. Oh I thought this snow was the perfect amount and texture! I told my husband if winter could be these snow flurries just covering the grass but not quite sticking to the road (well it wasn’t on my road anyway!), I would be so happy. It was so pretty looking out and seeing flurries. Guess its not what I’ll be seeing Friday!

  3. Hi Geoff, What can you tell us about the upcoming storm? It sounds like a big one(!) I can’t believe any of those imposter forcasters on tv — need the official Geoff Fox Forcast!!
    Lynn and little Jeter dog : )

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