Just A Little… So Far

photo courtesy: Abby Ferriucci

The snow is clinging precariously to the first thing that’s stopped its fall. That’s a sign. Little wind so far. That is about to change as our nor’easter ramps up over the next few hours.

The last official count came an hour ago. It looks like the highest accumulations in Connecticut are only in the 3-5″ range. That will change too.

Meriden Markham Airport’s 2:53 PM observation was the first in the state with a “+.”

SPECI KMMK 081953Z AUTO 02011G18KT 1/4SM +SN FG VV006 00/M01 A2987 RMK AO2 SLP115 P0007 T00001011 TSNO

That’s 1/4 mile visibility in heavy snow!

That’s not the last “+” we’ll see.

The HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) model shows heavier snow moving in around 5:00 PM and then with us for the remainder of the night. Many areas will see 2-3″ per hour snowfall!

There’s actually the hint of 5-6″ per hour snows just to our east in Rhode Island. That’s the kind of rate the areas east of Lake Ontario sometimes get–areas that get hundreds of inches of snow every winter!

The wind begins to ramp up around the same time. As with the snow, strong winds will be with us all night.

Power outages: yes

Trees and limbs down: yes

Blizzard conditions with whiteouts: oh yeah!

The storm surge forecast still has the highest surge out-of-sync with high tide, but at Bridgeport it’s somewhat more aligned than earlier projections. There will be a little flooding at high tide, but not at Sandy levels.

By now you should be where you’re going to spend the next 24 hours.

Let me rephrase that. You’re not going anywhere.

I’ll update later (power willing)

14 thoughts on “Just A Little… So Far”

  1. Just starting to pick up here, Geoff. About 3-4 inches on the ground…winds way up in the last 45 mins.
    This is going to be a doozy!

  2. Geoff, would it be good or bad idea to try to go to work tomorrow morning? I’m scheduled for 7am, I live in Torrington and need to travel to Canton.

  3. Do you think the roads will be closed statewide? I’m supposed to report to work in Colchester tomorrow around 9 am…drive from Stonington.

  4. Wind is blowing the snow sideways now. snow really ramping up. Really getting nasty out there. I live in Plainfield, yeah one of the bulls-eyes of this storm, the otherwise quiet corner. Nasty out there.

  5. As of 4:45 pm, about 4″ on the ground here in Trumbull. Wet, fine powder. Windblown snow coating the tree trunks and limbs.

  6. Channel 3 had been naming storms for the last 40
    Years Bruce Depriest mentioned this today . Geoff
    I love the picture above the dog is so cute.

  7. Geoff,

    So what in definition is a “nor’easter?” Many people think that any relatively major Winter storm is called one. And how does it differ from an “Alberta Clipper?”


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