Looking At The Snowy Models

I have to be up early Friday. Two brief appearances on IQ106.9 in Philadelphia. I’ll be nice, but they aren’t getting anywhere near the storm we’re getting in Connecticut!

The 00Z models are all in and there’s really no reason to make changes. What I said Thursday afternoon should cover things.

At the moment we look to be lucky with the timing of the highest storm surge in Long Island Sound. It isn’t in sync with high tide. If that changes coastal flooding would be moderate to severe, but it’s remained fairly constant during Thursday.

If you’re leaving the house Friday, please understand the logistics of this kind of snow. Conditions will deteriorate quickly in the late afternoon and evening.

Don’t get caught. Be conservative in your decisions. Blizzard Warnings are up and justified by the guidance. That’s not a guarantee, but a likelihood.

I’ve driven in whiteouts a few times back in Buffalo. I remember sticking my head out the window trying to find the center divider on Elmwood Avenue. Never again, please.

The European model continues to bring us a huge snowfall. Someone in Connecticut, maybe lots of someones, will see over two feet of snow with blowing and drifting–much more of that than we usually see too. Don’t expect much personal outdoor mobility until Saturday night or Sunday.

On the other hand, the Euro now backs off the snow (not the wind) for Eastern Massachusetts, including Boston. I didn’t expect to see that.

I’ll be doing shorter, but more frequent updates on Friday and Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Looking At The Snowy Models”

  1. Thanks for the awesome updates, Geoff. I’ll be checking your blog all day for updates. Unfortunately I am doing volunteer EMS during the beginning of the storm, but because of your updates, plan to be home before it gets terrible out. (Thank god for Jeeps!) Best of luck with your Philly appearances.

  2. Seriously?! OK….I must know: what are you doing on such a conservative radio station? I was under the impression you were more of a liberal type.

    1. Hi Jeff –

      A friend is the program director. He asked if I’d come on today. The weather has no political bent… and I’m a long time fan of Lionel’s.

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