My Blizzard Of 2013 Timelapse

Helaine got me a GoPro Hero for my birthday. It’s a very small, nearly indestructible, video camera. They have been dropped by sky and scuba divers and survived.

This time lapse starts just after 6:00 AM and goes past 11:00 PM. It stops because there’s nothing left to see!

There are a bunch of web postings saying the GoPro’s battery is only good for 2.5 hours of timeslapse. That’s why I plugged it into an AC adapter and propped it up against a glass paneled door to the deck.

23 thoughts on “My Blizzard Of 2013 Timelapse”

  1. Cool! My car looks like a space ship. Our Golden had a hard time getting through the snow; had to shovel for our little one, Arlo. Our road is impassable. Lots of digging out tomorrow. Worried about a Starling with of all things, a baby bird in her nest, at my shop. Nest is up in a sign. I left some meal worms and seed but felt helpless that I couldn’t do more. Still, the storm is incredibly beautiful and fascinating.

  2. Last shoveled front porch and steps at around 11PM, for the 2nd time in 3 hours. All for nought. wind still blowing and some snow still falling as of 2:30 Sat AM–drifts back up to about 20″ high.
    PS–dog still said–no thank you–at 11PM–out 4 minutes and looked like a white Westie vs a Cairn.
    I’m so glad we (myself and neighbors)shoveled early Friday afternoon—it got the kids tired out. By 5Pm, you couldn’t tell where we shoveled. I shoveled small areas for dog again at around 7PM, and again, as above. We’ll tunnel out when I get up, later today! I used to love this as a young person, but in my 70’s now, it gets a bit worrisome. But, at least we still have power!

  3. Wow. Very cool. I just looked outside for the first time and I can’t see my car. Or my porch. It looks like two feet plus here in Branford. Thanks for everything, Geoff.

  4. That is a very clever idea…! Wish I’d thought of using my GoPro like that.

    Next time, you need one of those old analog clocks in the foreground like “they” used in the old scientific films from the 40s/50s…I always get a kick out of those things swinging around in time-lapse photography.

  5. Geoff – what was the time span? How often were pictures taken? I thought I saw it somewhere, but now I can’t find it. Was it taking a shot every 15 min?

    Looks really cool – I saw a few seconds on GMA, but they didn’t show the ‘fun’ part – just the beginning and it didn’t look like much. I’m hoping they showed the rest after I stopped watching to start working from home.

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