Don’t Be Scared Of Wednesday Night

Everyone wants to know about Connecticut’s next snowstorm. No problem.

No, I’m not saying making the forecast will be no problem, I’m saying the teeny bit of snow falling Wednesday night will be no problem. It will whiten what we’ve already got. Not much more.

That’s it. Relax.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Scared Of Wednesday Night”

  1. Geoff I really missed seeing you on air through this whole ‘event’, but I am happy to be able to get your take on pending weather without all the gloom and doom. One more thing, is every storm system now named? What’s up with that? Thanks Geoff, keep up the good work.

  2. Some of the hype about this has been, frankly, shameless. Specifically, leading a local newscast Monday with the tease about a threat of more snow (details in 17 minutes). I know that many people are in dire straits and the prospect of even a little bit of snow may have them freaked out. On the other hand, after getting hit by 30 to 40 inches of snow, what’s another 3 to 5 inches (worst case, unlikely)? Yeah, people should relax about this “event.” And, relax in general. I haven’t heard this many horns honking since VE Day. Okay, I’m not that old, but…really? My ideas on a “honking tax” to come. Unless Bloomberg beats me to it.

    1. Nearly every producer I’ve worked with will be able to tell you a story of my wishing, “not to wear out my welcome” with the viewers by leading with weather when it isn’t warranted. Nearly every producer has listened and adjusted the show to reflect their new understanding.

      In their defense, they too hear inflammatory chatter about upcoming weather. They too are intrigued and affected by an impending storm. They are not weather experts.

      This is where the meteorologist must step up and offer his/her expertise. If the producer gets no guidance I blame the meteorologist.

      No one is perfect. Though I can’t remember a time I was asleep at the switch in a situation like this, I can’t say it hasn’t happened.

      I have heard of managers pressuring meteorologists, but it’s never happened to me. As far as I know it never happened at Channel 8 or FoxCT. Knowing Bruce and Brad (good guys who care) I suspect it hasn’t at 3 or 30 either.

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