The Mill House: One Of My Favorite Photo Spots

How weird today. The ground is snow covered. It felt like spring. The sky was blue. The wind was light. Songbirds have arrived.

The Sun is as strong now as it is in early October.

This might be my last major snow opportunity of the season. I headed to a favorite site a short walk from my house.

This Currier and Ives scene is real. I’m not sure what it looks like from the mill house, but it can’t be as good as this.

I posed a similar photo on Facebook yesterday, but this shot, with my Canon, has a little more clarity. Click the photo to get a larger, more detailed view.

4 thoughts on “The Mill House: One Of My Favorite Photo Spots”

  1. I’m one of those crazy people who love snow. I love the quiet it brings and find the flakes falling as magical. This is a beautiful photo. You’re lucky to live near such a lovely spot. Yes, today was a beautiful day.

  2. Um, Geoff…. A few of us were wondering about the amount of snow that’s coming this weekend. Any thoughts?

    Much appreciated. ♥

  3. Canon Geoff which one? I just brought a Rebel T3I 600EOS. Brought a Sony DSCHX100V/B. Beautiful pictures did all I wanted it to do takes 16:9 photos great digital zoom. Big draw back Electronic Viewfinder, could not see what I was shooting outside in the Sun. Returned it two weeks later for a Nikon D3000 package with 2 lenses. It had a through the lens mirror viewfinder and the salesperson said that it did 16:9 photography. Got it home and after calls to Nikon and research on the internet found that it didn’t do widescreen. Took it back 4 hours later. Ended up with the Canon package. Does what I want it though the 16:9 photography uses the viewscreen for composure rather than the viewfinder, guess I’ll have to put up with that.

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