It’s Not That You Don’t Know, It’s That You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Since the age of 19 I’ve been an employee. Every week a check mysteriously appeared. It was the same amount in August, a slow time for advertising, as it was near Christmas.

I thought of myself as a consciousnesses employee. Never took a ‘mental health day’. Always used fewer than the allotted number of sick days, until last year.

Now my wife and I are business people. Please, no giggling. It’s a different ballgame.

I work in the house. I wear pajamas. The house is a good place to work.

There’s fear in starting DopplerDesign. Lots of uncharted territory.

I have confidence in my ability to build websites. Clients will be happy with what they get. It’s the other stuff that gives me the willies.

Organization is key. I need more.

Since Monday I’ve been in touch with nine people about websites. Each of them has a different story to tell and a different goal to reach. Very cool.

It didn’t take a full day to realize my notes on a legal pad weren’t going to make it. I scrambled to find a CRM so Helaine and I can keep everything straight. My handwritten notes are now in a more usable form.

I began to write proposals last night. Who knew? After looking at a bunch online I got the gist and wrote my own. Each gets modifications to suit the job. I’ve got a few more that still have to go out.

There’s a lot of excitement in this.

No sales yet. Got it. Not counting chickens. Still, I can close my eyes and see how these sites should look.

A friend who’s also a web developer said he was glad I pulled the trigger. Me too.

There’s an old expression. It’s not what you don’t know, it’s what you don’t know you don’t know! That’s my worry.

Helaine and I have fabulous support from our friends and family. Reassurance.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about the 14 hour days?

12 thoughts on “It’s Not That You Don’t Know, It’s That You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!”

  1. My husband and I know that feeling – he started his own remodel company and I quit my fulltime job at the same time. 14 years and counting!
    I think you’ll bring the same dedication and excitement to website that you bring to the weather!

  2. Good Luck with your new venture. I will let folks back home know that you are in business. Many people I know miss you on the air. Again, good luck and hope work can continue to be fun.

  3. I also wish you well in your endeavors and know that you have many qualities that will help it succeed. However, for a first time major venture, I would really change your logo. A new business logo should usually be symmetrical with one major focal point. But three-quarters of your dog’s face in a strange position, really isn’t doing anything to make anyone glancing at it, take a second, or stronger look. Not everyone looking at it knows (or cares) that the company is being named after your dog. You need a stronger, more professional, focal point that people will remember.
    The name and description is done quite well though; using the word “amazing” which is the Hollywood “in” word for 2013, is spot on. Good luck to you and Helaine, and Doppler!

  4. Hint: Build a website based on a fictional business – using all your bells and whistles as a promotional web site design. When people can see the capabilities right in front of them I think they will be more likely to jump on board. Just saying. Hope the idea helps. Good luck.

  5. With all the time you’ll be spending on the new business I hope there will be some time left to keep track of the weather, particularly with a potential storm coming. You are still my favorite meteorologist.

  6. In the “who’s who” section, under Doppler, the letter from the Wallingford pound is in one straight line down the center on the page. Just letting you know.

  7. Not sure what-all your CRM solution handles but a nice online system I’ve been using for years for managing project time tracking and invoicing is It also integrates nicely into

    also, I just discovered, an open source community for things like contracts and payment demand letters.

    1. Micah – This weekend will be our time to reconsider and get up to speed. It’s all daunting. We’ll figure it out with help from folks like you.

  8. Um didn’t you mean “a conscientious employee” (which you were by the way)? And don’t feel bad–I had to look up the spelling too!!

  9. Best of luck on your new business! If I know of anyone looking to have a website designed I’ll send them to you.
    It just makes me sad that I won’t see you doing weather on TV any more. But I understand how these things work. I did some TV work myself back about 30 years ago. Walked away from it. Too nasty for my taste.

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