Extremely Brief Weekend Weather Update

The afternoon run of the European model is even warmer than the late night run. That means more rain, less snow. In fact most of the state well get no snow at all.

Saturday will be a crappy day. Wet, not white.

12 thoughts on “Extremely Brief Weekend Weather Update”

  1. Thanks again, Geoff. Don’t think that any of us take you for granted. Do wish you were on the air, but so glad that you continue to give us your clear slant on whazzup. Best of luck on your Net Venture… Jill

  2. Ditto what Jill said. I appreciate your still doing this for us when your new business is taking up most of your time. And I prefer the rain this time around, too. Thank you.

  3. Yes, to echo the above comments–appreciate yuo time in keeping us up with the weather models. You are still the best WEatherman out there for a lot of us.
    Happy to here the new business is moving well. I’m sure it will be a challenge, but also rewarding.

  4. European Commission.
    Senior Appointments at ECMWF
    Senior-appointments.png 20 February 2013 ECMWF is looking to recruit a Director of Operations and a Director of Forecasts. We are moving to a new organisational structure with four instead of three departments, and so the new directors will join Erland Kallen (Director of Research) and Nyall Farrell (Director of Administration) as the directorial team under the overall leadership of Alan Thorpe, the Director-General.

    What about this job? I know you just launched your new web design company but it would be nice if you got offered this position….:)

  5. WE were just talking about this and I said ‘Let’s see what Geoff says’. Glad to hear it’s more rain than snow. Sleet and freezing rain is no fun but rain I can deal with. Besides it’ll make more of this white stuff melt away. All good.

    1. Hi Jon –

      Seriously, why would you think I’d change mine because of theirs?

      I seldom look at other forecasts, but I will tonight. These are all for Middletown, because it’s reasonably middlish.

      Weather Channel: rain/snow showers Saturday, rain Sunday.
      Accuweather: cloudy with rain beginning Saturday, morning snow then sun Sunday.
      Weather Service: rain/snow likely Saturday, snow likely mainly before noon Sunday.

      I don’t wishcast. My forecast reflects what is most likely, not what I want.

      If I am correct and it’s mainly rain Saturday, will you write Channel 30 to ask why they didn’t retrack their forecast in light of mine? They’d probably consider that an insult, as do I.

  6. Geoff. Your forecast sounds good; I’m going with it. You’ve been solid all winter. BTW, I took a look at that european model website, called up one map, looked like my last failed attempt at cooking an omlet. I’ll stick with my day job.

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