A Sure Sign Of Spring

Today is the day. We’ve just had the ceremonial changing of the jinglers. Doppler’s Eagles tag has been replaced by her Phillies tag. Let the games begin!

We are rabid Phillies fans. Luckily, even with Major League Baseball’s draconian blackout rules, it’s easier than ever to watch them play.

Just before I swapped Dop’s jinglers I moved the Roku from my office to the family room. Big league, big screen.

So exciting. I turned the set on just in time to see the pre-game setup package. This time of year every team is a contender.

Next up, Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler, the Phillies main TV broadcast team. They’ve been in Florida a few weeks. Both looked like they’ve spent too much time under french fry lights!

We quickly noticed a structural change. The on-screen scoreboard has been expanded from four to five panels. The balls and strikes will now be visible all-the-time instead of swapping their spot with other stats. The pitch count is a new addition. No pitch speed, but it might not be available during the spring.

The regular season doesn’t begin until April 5th. Until then we’ll be watching as many players with high uniform numbers as we can.

2 thoughts on “A Sure Sign Of Spring”

  1. Nice to see a fan of some team other than the Yankees or Red Sox around here. I am a Mets fan myself. Hopefully our younger players can continue developing and our rivalry can get good again.
    Anyway, good news, opening day is April 1. (not April 5).

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