My Last Winter Weather Kvetch (Hopefully)

Helaine asked if I’d go on a FroYo run for dessert tonight. Who exactly answers no to that question?

I hopped into my little car and headed out.

There’s a reason my 1999 convertible has barely broken 100,000 miles. There are months at a time when even its German heritage can’t overcome Connecticut.

It hates snow. It once spun out doing 10 mph in flurries! Really.

I know. I’ve been kvetching about winter a lot this year. This is the time of year weather kvetching becomes as common as potholes!

It’s been two weeks since our last big snow. It’s still here. It’s not like an unwelcome house guest. It is an unwelcome house guest!

I pulled to the side of the road on my way home to take this shot of an unnamed brook which runs near my house. It is surrounded by snow as if the storm was yesterday!

This is very depressing. Winter just seems endless this year.

Luckily, frozen yogurt cures most ills.

Is there anyone who lusts after spring more than I do?

10 thoughts on “My Last Winter Weather Kvetch (Hopefully)”

  1. Conti Extreme Winter Contact.
    They have finally tamed the winter rage of my German coupe.

    Spring brings fishing – bring-on Spring!

    1. My car has wide tires, the rear ones larger than the front ones. It is rear wheel drive with all its weight up front. It is the poster child for winter instability. Shoes alone won’t help.

      1. Time to throw a few sacks of sand into the trunk for ballast?

        I shan’t complain about the unseasonal WX here in Southern California..complaining just makes it change faster.

      2. Our 300CE is a stiffly sprung brute as well but these tires are simply amazing. Your wider tires may be a bit more difficult but I am a complete convert to “hydrophillic” winter tires. The difference was astounding.

  2. I can’t agree with you more Geoff. Bring on spring. This year more than ever. For some reason this year has taken its toll on me. Cold, Snow, piles of snow. take it all and bring on warm weather. Heck, I’ll take 50 degrees at this point.

  3. To the first person who complains about the heat this summer, I will jump down your throat and remind you of this horrible winter.

  4. Wow. Isn’t this why we live in a place with seasons? As a gardener, I can’t wait for the warm weather to start planting. But by the time the weather Armageddon hits in late fall, I’m also ready for a rest. For me, if we have to have February (and I think we do) we might as well have snow. It’s certainly better than that “snain” we’ve had lately–and easier to drive in if we must drive.

    The sun (when we see it) is already getting really warm. Take heart, snow haters!

  5. Can’t wait for spring. I hate taking ten minutes to get dressed to go outside, hate scraping snow and ice off my car. I like having snow for the holidays but as far as I’m concerned it can all go away on January 2nd and go back to being 70 degrees and sunny again.

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