Thursday Evening Video Forecast

Here’s the latest from the dining room. Snow continues overnight and there will be some trouble in the morning.

Thanks to all of you who’ve watched and commented on these last two videos.

43 thoughts on “Thursday Evening Video Forecast”

  1. Thanks for the update. Appreciate the video as it really is a better explanation. Was planning on going to a trade show in Sturbridge tomorrow, looks like Saturday will be a much better day to go!

  2. See you and Matt were saying that eastern CT should see the heaviest. Other stations whom shall remain nameless were saying we were gonna get spit. Well I am SO glad you are doing these video forecasts Geoff. I realize we are not gonna see accumulations like we did with the last storm, but at least you have been spot on with what has been happening so far. Appreciate you doing this.

  3. Thanks, Geoff. I can sleep well again tonight. Loving’s Dining Room Forecast. No talk about N. Korea nuking us. No political crap. Just weather. It’s good. 😀

  4. This East Lyme school bus driver says thank-you once again. I LOVE your forecasting and explanations! I also like that you now have to time to really show us how you use your forecasting tools. Can’t wait for the next broadcast from the dining table!!!

  5. Still the BEST delivery, the BEST explanation and NO HISTRIONICS. Thanks Geoff! You should really consider teaching the art of delivering thoughtful,informed,concise forecasts. Nobody does it better!

  6. Geoff, I know my husband and I aren’t your only fans. And I don’t mean to sound repetative, but it’s just so great to have you do this!!! We all love you BECAUSE you’re you, and thanks for being there with your forcast! (We look at each other and say, “Yay! We still have Geoff Fox!!!!” (:

  7. Hi Geoff!

    Can’t tell you how glad I am that I found you online this winter and you’re still keeping CT informed about the weather,,,THANK YOU!!! So nice to have you here since yours are the most accurate forecasts and you teach us the science behind what’s going on. Love the videos from World Headquarters Doppler Design Studio!!!

  8. Thanks again for the explanation and updates, Geoff. You’re awesome. It’s so cool to hear your voice again as your forecasts are the best.

  9. Geoff I LOVE having these weather forecasts on your website! My job has irregular hours which means I miss most weather on the local news even if I wanted to watch it. So much easier for me to get it when I have a couple extra minutes.
    Must be nice to be able to ramble on about the weather for as long as you want without some producer telling you to hurry up so they can fit in another half dozen commercials…
    I don’t care what ‘they’ think, you’re word is the final one on weather in our house.

  10. You are the only weather guy I go to when inclement weather is being forecast. You should figure a way for people to subscribe to your forecasts, I would certainly pay. By the way, I much prefer the ‘geeky’ maps and charts than the dumbed down TV ones.

  11. I know you want to move on to web design and all, but you have such a gift for explaining clearly to us what the weather is and will be that it would be a shame for you not to use it. I am very thankful to you for the videos… it’s great to have you in our living rooms again with no hype or hysteria; just the calm voice of a man who knows what he’s talking about. Thanks, Geoff. Very much appreciated.

  12. Thank you Geoff! A great, detailed forecast. Thank you for sharing your passion and experience with us. Also – classy congrats to Brad Field tonight.

  13. Welcome ‘back’ Geoff. So happy to be able to see the weather forecast from you again. How about a weather internet channel? I am sure a lot of people would view and you won’t even have to dress up in a suit.

  14. Geoff, thank you so much for another terrific forecast! You are a true professional and you honestly should check into teaching the fine art of weather forecasting. There are so many on television that would definitely benefit from your expertise!

  15. Geoff, I really hope these video forecasts are a trend. Love it. Best meteorologist ever, seriously. I haven’t watched TV weather forecasts all week. I hope that’s also a trend. If this turned into a for-fee service, I’d certainly pay for this. Not only are you always the most accurate, but you’re a phenomenal teacher. I honestly never thought how much I know about the weather from you (and Dr. Mel) until recently.

  16. Thanks once again Geoff. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten the real deal forecast until it comes from you. Please keep it up. And by the way, the very best if luck to you with the web site.

  17. Thanks Geoff…..not only do I appreciate your informative, detailed, accurate forecasts, but I love the fact that you include northeastern CT! So many of the CT stations ignore us…all except Gil S. Living only 1 mile from the RI line and less than 5 miles from MA, I had recently switched to a RI station. But now my go-to weather forecast is from your dining room!!! 🙂

  18. Thanks Geoff, this is even better than when you were on T.V. Much more information. I really like the way you show all the maps/bars.

  19. Thanks Geoff for providing us with detailed, reliable forecasts again.
    I appreciate that you still care about the people who looked to you
    for accurate, no-nonsense weather information for so many years.
    Thanks again.

  20. Thanks for the forecast, it is truly appreciated.

    I was out last night with a friend and drove home about 9 p.m. The snow was coming down, but not really sticking on the roads yet. It was just beautiful. As much as I hate shoveling, the snow can be a wonder at times.

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