A Decision Has Been Made–We’re Leaving

I built a website Wednesday night to help sell a house–mine! Helaine and I have decided to leave Connecticut and move to Southern California.

This was not an easy decision. We have lived a very good life in Connecticut.

When FoxCT decided to end our relationship with 2&#189 years remaining on my contract a monkey wrench was thrown in our plans. I expected to be commuting to Hartford until well into 2015. And, of course, it was extremely disappointing because I felt I was doing the best work of my career.

Moving to California has been our goal for a decade or more. It was supposed to be where we’d retire. The good news is Helaine and I can ditch winter and move closer to Stef, who will be about an hour away.

Current plans have us on-the-road in early summer. I intend to continue my web development business and see if I can get some TV work in Los Angeles.

There is no way I can ever repay you for your friendship and support over the last 28+ years. No one deserved the success I had. I am eternally grateful to you.

This is not goodbye. My blog will continue. I will still flood Facebook and Twitter with my observations.

I will miss you like crazy.

118 thoughts on “A Decision Has Been Made–We’re Leaving”

  1. Best wishes on the next chapter of your lives. When one door closes, another opens. Opportunities await you. Being close to your daughter will be such a wonderful experience for you, Helaine and Doppler, too! It’s all about family, anyway. We will all miss you and look forward to following your success. We get to say that we knew you first!

  2. Geoff – I’m sure I’m not the only one who will miss you in CT…. I still miss your weather forecasts, no matter which network you’re on (or not). IMO – you always had the most accurate forecasts of any meteorologist (BARR NONE) IN THE STATE!!!!
    I wish you well, (Helaine & of course, Doppler too!) & look forward to still reading your blog & posts on FB.

  3. Although saddened to see you leave CT, I can’t say I am surprised. Geoff, I’ve been watching your forecasts and witty personality since I was a kid. It seems that you and Dr. Mel were part of my daily routine for decades. My brother once had a school project to draw a weather forecast for our local paper-it included you! I have enjoyed you letting me see into your personal life with Helaine and that heart-melting pooch Doppler! Might you still do some forecasting for your old friends in CT?? At least during those awful winter storms you will no longer have to bear!!

  4. What great news for you. I am also planning on going to SoCal, hopefully by early 2014. My daughter also lives there and it is like being on vacation every day! Would love to hear more details on how you are putting this all together – as I will need to do it very soon. I am thinking it is less expensive to sell everything but the very essentials and buy out there rather than pay to move it. I am so excited for you.

  5. Read this with tears in my eyes! Best wishes, and best of luck on your new adventure. Thanks for staying in touch with us, technologically!

  6. I don’t mind if you move (you have to make the right decision for you), but what will I do without your weather forecasts? Dr. Mel is gone and I’ve only ever really trusted him and you. Please say you’d still chime in from the wrong coast when bad weather is forecast for southern CT.

  7. I kinda had an idea you’d leave CT after the fiasco went down. Wishing you the best and going to miss you!! Good luck!!!!

    de N0FQY/1

  8. The best of luck to you Geoff, Helaine and Doppler. It’s nice that you will be close by to Stef. We will all miss you like crazy too!!! Will you be thinking of us here in CT next winter while you are soaking up the sun…LOL!!!

  9. Now that winded me!

    Geoff, the best of luck to you and your family in California. I will miss your weather forecasts, more for their unique delivery than uncanny accuracy.

    My best,

  10. Wishing you all the best. Southern California is beautiful!!! No snow either!!! The best of luck & good fortune to you.

  11. Jeff, Helaine & Doppler:

    Will definitely miss your forecasts via Facebook, but I do understand your leaving. Good luck on the next chapter in your life and keep us updated on your blog! Being close to your daughter will be so nice for all of you.

  12. Oh, no! Tears in my eyes as I read this 🙁
    There is no weather in California!!
    Seriously, Southern California IS beautiful and you will be closer to your daughter, which is the most important thing. I had always hoped there’d be some way that you’d be on the air again giving us the weather forecast, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t happen here in CT. So, I wish you and Helaine and of course Doppler, the very best of luck wherever you go. And I will keep looking for you on FB and your blog.
    So, this isn’t really Good-bye, it’s more like “see ya ’round” I hope.
    With great fondness and sincerity,
    Elaine Carlton, Madison CT

  13. We will miss you, Sir. We will miss your weather insight and your good humor. This is certainly Connecticut’s and our community’s loss. I indeed hope that you do not fall into the sea. I also hope that you will not be too badly hurt by the utter financial and social failure of your new home state. You will be there in interesting times.

  14. I will miss you Mr. Fox, but I understand , you have to do what is best for you and your family. Please keep in touch with all your Ct. friends who love you, and Please keep sending us photos of adorable Doppler. Good Luck In the next chapter in your life ,and you DO DESERVE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST !! xoxo

  15. Sad to hear you are leaving, but it is understandable. It will be great for you guys to be closer to your daughter. I still plan to follow your blogs and I hope you will still put in some CT forcasts, at least when we have some storms brewing. After all you will have nothing to forcast there except some sun. You may need to keep up with the CT weather to keep things exciting. You will be missed here.

  16. I am not surprised, but am sad! i miss you on the TV, but love keeping up with you on Facebook! Moving closer to your daughter & somewhere warm to boot is great! best of luck to you & your family!

  17. Wishing you and your family all good things. You will be missed and hopefully SoCal will bring you a new and exciting adventure. Please don’t forget about us – especially in wacky weather times! We need your depth of experience and genuine caring for the truth, in regard to the weather, and life. You are a stand-up guy and will be sorely missed here in CT.

  18. I can only echo the comments about, especially Mare’s. You will be missed. But, I can only wish all of you happiness and good fortune. Keep posting those Doppler photos.

  19. Best of luck Geoff! We will miss you in CT! Try to fit some time in for a weather video every now and then when a big storm is brewing in CT.

  20. I agree with all the other posts. It won’t be the same with you gone.
    I can just see the weather forecast out there now.
    “So, over to the weather with Geoff Fox. What’s the weather today tonight and tomorrow?”
    Geoff: “Nice, nice and nice. Back to you.”

  21. Sad for myself, but thrilled for all of you! You’ve been my “weather guy” since I was in my teens…what can I say – but thanks for all the years of accurate weather and all the laughs! My best to you, Helaine, Doppler and Stef. A new adventure! I hope we will all be able to keep up with you via your blog. We will miss you for sure. Best of luck – and be happy, 🙂

  22. Wishing you all the best as you start the next “chapter”. You will certainly be greatly missed here in CT, there is no replacing Geoff Fox!! Will look forward to following your blog. Thanks for all the great years here in CT.

  23. I wish you and your wife well in SoCal. You will be missed here in CT. Here’s hoping the next chapter in your life will be even better than the last. Glad to hear you will still have the blog and facebook… Safe journeys and good luck in everything you do.

  24. Please let us know where you settle in the media world. I’ll have to get my Navy nephew to scope out a clip or two in the SD area. God bless.

  25. I’m not sad that you’re leaving and I doubt that I’ll miss you. I’ve never met you in person and you’re not on T.V. here in Connecticut anyway. So, may I just say that I’m THRILLED for you and your family. Also, I’m envious because I would LOVE to move to SoCal as well. I’ll still follow your blog (hence why I’m not sad or feeling like I’ll miss you) and I’m hoping that even in SoCal, you’ll still remember us back here in CT and keep us updated on OUR weather. I’m very happy that you and Helaine will be closer to your daughter. Family is the biggest thing keeping us here in CT. We have three grown children and a granddaughter, not to mention my widowed mother who I will never leave as long as she’s alive (and given she’s only 70, I’m hoping for quite a few years more). If you do get some T.V. work, it will be nice to see a familiar face when I’m vacationing out there. You’ll have to post about your DMV experience there. I hear mixed reviews from customers coming to CT from CA. Good luck and God Bless!

  26. We’ll miss you Geoff. Best of luck to you and your family. Keep an eye on our weather, who else can tell us how bad the winter will be!

  27. Connecticut will be losing a valuable asset; our loss is California’s gain. I have looked to your “weather wisdom” over the years for the intelligent response to Nature’s variable behavior. Thank you for your years of dedicated service to the people of Connecticut and for an entertaining and cerebral blog that certainly kept us pondering. (Had the pleasure of hearing you speak at a motivational/professional development event at Mohegan Sun a few years back. Thanks for making it worthwhile!) God speed for the next part of your journey.

  28. Geoff, I’m so sorry I never got to meet you in person, but you’ve been in my house for so many years, I feel you’re family! Facebook and the internet has kept so many of my friends and family members close that I see no reason why we won’t be able to “visit” like usual. Our loss is SoCal’s gain. (and as an only child, I’m willing to bet Stef will be thrilled to have you guys close). This is not goodbye–this is “Geoff and Helaine’s new “Big Adventure!” 😀 We will stay tuned! <3

  29. Well, you are gonna really be missed by ALL of us! I have taken to watching Hilton Kaderle lately. Rachel, the girl who does the weather on Fox, although probably a very nice person, drives me up a wall. She never commits herself to anything and hence, imho, is uttterly useless ibsofar a weather forecasting is concerned!I wish you and your family all of the best and hope that you will be able to find a job in California. I have 2 daughters who live there as well, and perhaps they will luck out and get to see you do the weather out there. That would be a real treat for them. I, however, will miss you. All the best…and smoochies to Doppler.

  30. Good luck to you, Helaine, and Doppler. As the song from Semisonic goes:

    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.

    All the best!

  31. Wishing you, Helaine and Doppler all the best on your new venture. As everyone else has said, we understand your decision, even though you’ll be missed. Glad that we’ll still have FB and your Blog to keep in touch with you. Must say that you made the news and weather PERSONAL… it won’t be the same here in Connecticut.

  32. Geoff,

    Beautiful house! Looks great and should sell easily. Be prepared to spend about twice as much on a home half the size out here in Southern CA, unfortunately.

    True, we have climate out here most of the year, but the weather has been ‘interesting’ lately. It’s already springtime (the pollen counts are through the roof) and the local mountains are the only place you will find snow.

    Its a very different lifestyle, where you can go play in the snow, bask in the desert, and go to the beach all the same day…

  33. HI GEOFF THE VERY BEST OF LUCK TO YOU IN YOUR ENDEVORS IN CALIFORNIA. WE ALL LOVE YOU GEOFF FROM ALL YOUR FANS AND FOLLOWERS. YOU HAVE ENTERTAINED ALL OF US WITH YOUR GOOD HUMOR AND YOUR COMEDY YOU HAVE PUT INTO YOUR FORCASTS AT FOX CT NEWS AND NEWS CHANNEL 8. GEOFF YOU HAVE BEEN A GOD SEND FOR ALL OF US. YOUR AN ISPIRATION TO ALL OF YOUR FANS AND FOLLOWERS. WE ALL LOVE YOU GEOFF FROM THE BOTTOM OF EVERYONES HEarts. we will miss you geoff.you will have alot of very sad hearts that your moving to cally. send us all some nice fruit when you get settled geoff we would all love that so much.geoff, you should be very proud of the wonderful you have done here in ct for the wonderful forcasting at the stations. and for all the wonderful entertainment you gave all of us in the for casts each and everyday. you have all of us each and everyday.geoff we will all miss you very much.our hearts are broken with you leaveing ct.geoff we will all miss you tremendously here in ct. have a wonderful trip to california. keep all of us posted as to how your doing. we love you geoff. patty shafer pawcatuck ct

  34. Best wishes Geoff and family,
    Sometimes it is just time for a change, I have been bugging my husband for months to make a major change I know I am ready to move some place where it is warm. He has been talking Hawaii.
    You will be missed. But I am sure everything will be good once you get settled.

  35. Best of luck to you both! I know your daughter will be glad to have you closer (and your mysterious friend as well) Enjoy your journey… Connecticut’s loss…

  36. Geoff, Helaine & Doppler…you will be missed here in CT…all the best in sunny CA! The upside will be seeing more of your daughter. Looking forward to hearing about your next chapter. Good luck.

  37. Geoff,

    It was with mixed emotions that I read your announcement. I will miss your insights into our weather, your photos around CT but most of all will just miss that you aren’t here. On the other hand with no family tying you here I can understand your desire to be closer to Steff. I look forward to continuing to hear of your adventures here and on facebook and wish you, Helaine and Doppler the best in your new adventure.

  38. Well, Geoff, this is not what I wanted to hear, but I’m being selfish. I’m glad you and your family will be close together again, and you’ll be warm while we’re freezing. I’ve been watching you and Dr. Mel for as long as I can remember, and now you will both be gone. It’s always been nice to know you were right around the corner and I could run into you any time in the neighborhood. But life goes on for all of us. Best of luck.

  39. Geoff, each evening when we tune in for a weather report, we STILL miss seeing you and hearing what you have to say! It’s been a huge adjustment for us so we can only imagine what it has been like for you! We want to wish you, Helaine, and of course Doppler, the very best! You will love CA! Can you do your CT fans one favor? In your spare time, “please” forecast our CT weather on your website. Thanks!! Don’t forget us! Keep in touch!

  40. Geoff,

    I am not surprised. I am sure you all are excited with being able to be closer to your daughter. I have been in CT. since ’79 and have watched you during your career here in CT. I always relied on your forecast as so many here have. I will continue reading your blog and seeing your postings on FB. I hope when we are under siege with the weather you will give us a helping hand. I have been tuning into NBC for my weather info since Fox is no longer the same. I agree with another comment here that Rachael can’t seem to commit and is rather wishy washy albeit a very nice person. I am sure it will be nice for you to come and go without being recognized. Imagine, you’ll no longer have to wait in the car while Helaine grocery shops!! You can actually go out and about in the beautiful weathe r that I

  41. Geoff,

    I am not surprised. I am sure you all are excited with being able to be closer to your daughter. I have been in CT. since ’79 and have watched you during your career here in CT. I always relied on your forecast as so many here have. I will continue reading your blog and seeing your postings on FB. I hope when we are under siege with the weather you will give us a helping hand. I have been tuning into NBC for my weather info since Fox is no longer the same. I agree with another comment here that Rachael can’t seem to commit and is rather wishy washy albeit a very nice person. I am sure it will be nice for you to come and go without being recognized. Imagine, you’ll no longer have to wait in the car while Helaine grocery shops!! You can actually go out and about in the beautiful weather that you’ll probably get sick of! Take care and enjoy this next chapter in your life. I don’t know how my comment got posted before I finished. Again best of everything to your family.

  42. Geoff the weather forecasts are just not the same without you. I wish you and your family and Doppler the best of everything. Something tells me we will be seeing you again, on tv that is. You have the right personality for it. I can see you doing a morning talk show. Will still be following you on Facebook and twitter. Hopefully you will still give your weather forecasts whenever a storm is predicted here in Connecticut . You have always been the most reliable and accurate meteorologist. Best of luck in your new adventures.

  43. Dear Geoff and Heleine we were VERY sad to hear we were loosing you maybe it’s for the best for you but not for Ct.we will be loosing the best weather man we ever had so BETTER SWEET. We do wish you the very best and maybe someday we will see you back on tv.GOOD LUCK

  44. Go west young man!
    I gasped when I read your post but I think it makes total sense and your trips out there were an indication something was up.
    I wish you and Helaine and Doppler the best of everything and I look forward to enjoying the move through your words and camera lens!

  45. Best of luck to you, Helaine and Doppler. Please keep us all posted on your new life. Like another asked, keep those weather reports coming for us even if you are on the west coast. You will be missed.

  46. Can’t say I’m too surprised, as I always got the impression you really enjoyed your trips to the west coast. Hopefully if (make that WHEN) you end up on tv out there they’ll have a web cast we can watch.

    Remember that we’re going to be holding you personally responsible for all the weather that works its way across the country to us. You’d better send us plenty of sun and warmth! 🙂

  47. Sad to hear you are leaving…but hopefully for a new and bright and happy life in California! You leave us with happy memories of your CH.8 and Fox Ch. weather forecasts. Best of luck and good wishes go with you and your wife….

  48. I had a funny feeling for some time that this move was going to take place. Not a huge surprise, but regardless I am very happy for you and your wife. You are doing the right thing, hands down. I followed you for your entire time at Channel 8 and your brief career at Fox 61. You always delivered the weather with class and honesty and with a special connection to your viewers, a trait not too many weather broadcasters have. I will truly miss your forecasts both for accuracy and entertainment. Best wishes, I am sure your will be on the air in no time in southern cal. You will be missed by your many fans here in CT. Take care.

  49. So, you are going to trade piles of snow and roofs blowing away for smog and shaking ground! If you are lucky, the latter will not be frequent. I heard a report the other eve that much of the smog problem out there has been resolved with the change in emission requirements in cars, and in the gasoline out there. Gas is higher there than we have ever seen here in the north east! Used to be that the only times we saw the mountains from LA was in Nov. & Dec. But where else can you look out and see snow on the mountains and roses blooming in one’s back yard.
    Best of luck to you and Helene (and Doppler).I will miss you, but it is truly a loss for CT. You are the only Weather person I trust. Slowly, I am running out of Channels to watch. But it seems that except for NBC-CT, and CBS, the reporting staff is getting younger and younger—they must be hiring them out of high school. Hopefully, you will continue with your Blog.
    My husband held you in high regard.

  50. Best of luck Goeff…you will be missed but now may be the time to relax..enjoy semi retirement… I work for a municipality in ct and relied on your forecast for 23 years and as far as accuracy goes…kudos Mr.Foxx…as a weather prognosticator you did an awesome job! My love for snow is shot also and one day plan to not have to deal with it anymore!. Thank you… wishing nothing but good fortune to come your way for you and your family

  51. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone makes choices understating there are consequences for our actions. Taking responsibility for actions, letting go and moving on ; looking at the good things ahead. Safe travels for you and your wife.

  52. I think we all knew that So Cal would some day take you away. Glad you and Helaine will be closer to Steph, and you friends on the West Coast.
    You will be missed. There is no doubt, but I am happy for you. Maybe you could find it in your heart to keep your CT friends in mind when the weather gets crazy here and help us out with a few of your wise words!
    Wishing you nothing but the most of happiness, health, wealth, and success in your new adventure!

  53. I guess the February blizzard pushed you over the edge! All the best to you and your family. I have enjoyed watching your forecasts for many years. Please let us know when you get back on TV so we can see you on the web.

  54. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Good luck on the move to California. All the best to you, Helaine, and Doppler.

  55. Best of luck to you & your family. Thank you for all you have given to us here in CT .
    We miss you on the TV , but happy to get your trusted info here. 🙂 Family is important and I am sure your daughter will be happy too. :)Good Luck !!

  56. Since in MY world, you live in the computer, there will be no change from my perspective. My favorite meteorologist(my son)lives in Boulder, CO and he still gives me my own personal forecast. I assume you will continue to give us CT folks our weather updates as well 🙂 I mean, it’s not like you will have any weather to report in Southern CA!

  57. Thanks for your weather reporting . California weather may be boring. Tell Steph she can’t move right away. Best wishes.

  58. Well, I guess my wish won’t come true – I kept thinking you’d end up back on my TV one day. We will miss you terribly, but I’m glad to see your blog will continue. Maybe you’ll grace us with a forecast or 2 when we need it the most. Best of luck to you and yours.

  59. Geoff, that is wonderful news! If ever there was a ‘best moment’ to make this move it is now, particularly when you can work from home – so no geographical ties. We only have so much time to do what we love and you’ve done that. Now you get to live in another beautiful place with a climate more to your liking.
    My son and I have watched your forecasts since he was a little guy (he’ll be 39 years old in May). I have missed your presence on network news, but have learned to adjust (what choice was there?). Rachel does a pretty good job, and although I ‘click’ around, she is the most accurate. If you have the inclination to check in with us Nutmeggers when we are expecting a big something-or-other weather event, that would be great! If not, we will understand.
    I just know you will find this is the right move for you and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you on-line.

    All the best to you and your family.

  60. Geoff, this is wonderful news for you and Helaine! And Stef will be glad i am sure. However, you will be missed. Wishing you and Helaine all the best! Debi T.

  61. Trading flakes for shakes!
    Mazel tov and get the pass to the National Parks, there are so many to enjoy and photograph in the new ‘hood!

  62. Geoff…..I am old enough to be your older brother (not much older!!) & have been a fan all of these many years since you came to Conn. Was very, very upset with WTNH and what they did. Was also very, very upset with you & what you did!! All of this said, my family & I have never watched anyone on TV weather who is smarter…. more down to earth explaining the weather….has a better sense of humor or is just a good & decent person who we still love and admire…..(REGARDLESS!!!) Keep your blog going (I don’t know anything about tweet & facebook & analog & digital & smart phones & all of this “geek stuff”)…..I can tell you that when I was in college in 1963 I took a course in “computer programing… FORTRAN” & remember writing to my parents in Fairfield about this “machine” called a computer and that I thought it would be really important someday!!! It filled a room bigger than the average “great room” of today, and had punch card input, many rows of “tape decks” for storage….a central processor the size of a VW Bug!!! Now a computer many times more powerful than my first experience is carried around in your pocket & is called a smart phone!!! Sorry to ramble on…..but this is the first time I have ever written a message online!!! Just want you, Helaine, Stef & Doppler to know how much we in Conn. appreciate what you have given to us!!! Always keep us in mind & keep providing your knowledge & insight!!! All the best because YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  63. i’ll miss you, thought of you as a chief meteorologist after dr mel passed. loved him too, one time in wallingford, i dressed up as dr mel for “TV turnoff day”. you were alwayvs cool though, watching you in 2010 when we had all the tornado warnings across the state and you were on through Judge Judy, i’ll forgive you for that…hope all goes well and you post videos of your new forecasting debut, it’s like losing an old friend.

  64. Best wishes, Geoff and family. I often wonder what life would be like in Southern California myself. I look forward to your blog posts about the transition when they’re online.

  65. I will truly miss you Geoff. You were CT’s best forecaster. You have been part of my life since i was a baby. (no ure not old).
    I wish you the best in CA. Good luck Helaine and Doppler to.
    Ps during our winters can u still forecast fo us. U r always spot on.

    Thanks for being a wonderful part of outs lives.

  66. I have always felt sooner or later you leave CT behind and head to CA because when you write about visiting the west coast there is always a certain contentment to your blogs, if that makes any sense. I hate how your weather career came to an abrupt end here, but I hope you shine in sunny CA.

  67. I gotta say I was very disappointed in your actions and what led to your dismissal at Fox; I sincerely hope you learned not to be a “fool” and appreciate what you have at home. Best of luck in California Geoff Fox.

    1. Geez, Jane…. quit beating a dead fox… when’s the last time YOU had a time-lapse photo of a blizzard go viral? Why don’t you look up Al Terzi to go Jiminy Cricket on?? Poor man’s lost out on enough and is still taking lumps, no WONDER he’s going out to Cali, to Cali, to Cali…

  68. Geoff: I expected that you and Helaine would eventually move to be near Steph. It’s what we, as parents, do. We moved from CT to AZ to be near our boys. Family is everything. So, good luck in your future endeavors, in your move and keep writing your blog to keep all of us up to date. If you’re ever in the Phoenix area, you have my email. I’ll be glad to show you around.

  69. Sorry to hear your leaving connecticut..We will all miss you here. Its our loss..and the west coast..its your gain. You have been in our lives and in our sights..for many years, its sad to say goodbye..but family is family,and i just want to thank you for being in ours all those years on 8.

  70. Sorry that you have decided to leave Connecticut!! You will be missed!! I grew up watching you on Channel 8 and continued until you left there and then followed you on the rest of your journey. You will be closer to family and will have an amazing time out on the West Coast!! Don’t be a stranger and good luck to all of you!! :O)

  71. Good luck Geoff. You were always a professional and gave your best during every broadcast. You will be missed, but family comes first. Take care of them all and of course, yourself. Godspeed Mr. Fox

  72. if you should decide that you want a professional to handle all the chaos of selling the house feel free to give m a call. Either way I truly wish you guys the best of luck in your new adventures…but please where ever you go keep sharing dopplar with us

  73. Geoff,
    You will be missed more than you can imagine in CT. While I understand your decision to move, the CT weather forecasting will never quite be the same without hearing it from you. I wish you, Helaine, Steph and Doppler all the best in CA. Hoping you sell your house quickly and find great joy in your new home, along with a new TV gig in CA. Thank you for many years of accurate forecasting. Don’t miss the snow here in CT too much! HA! Best of luck!

  74. Geoff, How ironic that I leave So. Cal. for CT in 1988 and find this great “weather guy” (who actually had weather to talk about! New phenomenon for an LA girl). Then Ch. 8 goes nuts and Fox breaks our hearts and he and his family move to So.Cal! I hope that you are welcomed with fanfare and delight in LA, Geoff. You and Helaine, Stef, Ivy and Doppler have long been part of our family here in New England. Know that you’ll be missed like crazy. So glad the blog will continue as we’ll be happy to keep tabs on you. You still were the best, most fun and most accurate “weather guy” ever! LA should snatch you up (From my lips to God’s ears!).

  75. Best of luck. You have always been our “go-to” weather forecaster. Sorry to see you go but will follow your blog on FB.

  76. Good luck and God bless. Hope the left coast welcomes you with open arms. I’m sure you’ll run into many transplanted Connecticut folks out there. Be safe in your journey. If Doppler needs a resort to stay at, I have a friend that runs the Paws Pets Resort in Lake Forest. Great place!!

  77. Give Dopler a hug for me & I hope to see you continue your Blog on FB…Best Wishes for a happy healthy successful life Geoff.

  78. I’m happy for you, Geoff. New beginnings! Best of everything to you. Life is good!
    Connecticut will miss you. {{hugs}}

  79. Dear Geoff
    I read your story that you are leaving ct. Like I said to many friends one door close and another one opens. Maybe it is time to close that door and be with your family. We will miss you here in ct. I so loved watching channel 8 seeing you and Dr. Mel (rip). You were apart of my daily routine. But you need to go on and we will be here. Hoping that you have a facebook or something that we can keep in touch. Good luck to you and your wife.

    Sheena l maynard

  80. Wow…I tune out for a few days and BAMM…We are going to be lost without you for sure. You do what’s best for you though and I pray you end up back on the air. Your too good not to be. I don’t blame you for leaving. This state is in such financial ruin I’m trying to head south myaself(I’ll keep politics out of it) but your making a good decision even if we will all miss you.
    I wish you only the best with everything. Time heals all wounds…
    PLease take care of yourself.

  81. Geoff best of luck in Sunny California.. I’ll miss you in CT. I miss you on TV. Hope you get to do some network so we can see you once in a while.

  82. I wish you and your family nothing but the best. We will miss you! I’m STILL searching for a TV forecast that I can trust, so tired of the kiddies that pass for meteorologists these days. Just when I’ve learned to check your blog for something accurate, you pack up and move! As so many others have said, our loss is their gain. Hope you remember us in your blog; I’ll still follow. Enjoy the sun and lack of snow…you’ve earned it.

  83. Hope you have a good time out there. We miss you as we have been here in Maine for over 25 years now. Except for the winters it has been great here. Don’t miss the traffic but do go back to CT now and then to see family. Best of luck out there and an old Air Force Buddy lives out there and was police Chief. Best of luck and we will miss you…Good Luck Fellow Ham…K1PIG ( Marty )

  84. There have only been two meteorologists that I have ever trusted or enjoyed watching. The great Dr. Mel Goldstein and Geoff Fox. Channel 8 will never be the same and neither will FoxCT. You will be sorely missed. Thank you!
    May fortune and happiness follow you all the days of your life.

  85. Geoff,
    I am so happy that you are moving to the West Coast and will be near your daughter. Quite frankly, I think what was done to you on Channel 8 and then 61 was pure b.s. What I like about you Geoff is your positive attitude and someone who was always able to rise above. You also a man who is constantly learning new things which ultimately is one of the keys to a great life. Keeping your mind open and embracing new experiences. I hope California treats you very well!

  86. Well good luck Geoff on the west coast. The news won’t tell you this but a lot of people are packing up and leaving Connecticut because of high taxes and bad economy. I pulled into a gas station in Durham and as I was pumping gas I talked to a woman who said her and her husband were moving to Maine after buying a bed and breakfast there and there reason for moving is high taxes here in our state. People I work with say when they retire in a couple of years they will leave Connecticut because it is one of the worst states to retire in.

    1. Phil, I’m with you. You couldn’t pay me enough to live in SoCal yet so many people love it! That’s what’s wonderful about a great big country — there’s something for everyone.

  87. Geoff, my husband, Art (now deceased), and I gave you the photo montage of the prototype Nexrad Doppler Radar that was developed, built & tested by Unisys in Bloomfield, CT. Art was the plant manager for that program, I was on the proposal publications team, and I am the one who took the photographs in the montage. It was one of many that were gifts to the principals in the contract. You showed it on your broadcast and said it would hang on your den wall. I’m wondering if it still has value to you — perhaps it does, since you named your dog Doppler — if not, I’d like it back rather than have it sold or given to someone who does not know its significance. I just learned of your personal debacle and can’t believe you were so stupid. But I hope you learned something and wish you well. Good luck in California. Marty Dover, Venice, FL

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