I’m an emotional wreck tonight. The Patriot Day explosions, right at the finish line for the Boston Marathon, first shocked me. Now they anger me. I grieve that lives were lost.

The dead and injured paid the price, but make no mistake, we were all targeted.

I have no idea whether this was a foreign or domestic enemy. It was terrorism. We have been terrorized. A bomb packed with shrapnel is meant to terrorize.

The perpetrator will be found. Boylston Street, like most center city locations, is crazy with video surveillance. Cell site records will be examined. There were thousands of witnesses.

That doesn’t bring back the dead. There is never enough price to be extracted from the guilty.

We, as individuals and a nation, must not change who we are or what we do in response to this act.

4 thoughts on “Boston”

  1. You are right on the nose, Geoff Boston is a tough, scrappy city like Philadelphia, New York, and others. Someone tried to give Boston a bloody nose but she will shake it off and come back stronger than ever.

    You are 100% right to feel as you do.

  2. According to CNN, it is looking more and more like foreign terrorism. I am leaning towards Al-Qaeda or another radical Islamic group. Let’s be honest, on 9-12-01, if you were to tell me the next attack will not be until 2013, I would have said you are crazy. The fact is we have been lucky, not that it matters to the ones directly affected by the Boston attack. It is hard to believe 9-11 was almost 12 years ago. It feels like yesterday. However, we let are guard down. Was anyone reading this concerned about security and counter-terrorism measures in the hype building up to Boston Marathon? I know I wasn’t. I am concerned that this may be one of many attacks as we are entering into a comeback/blitz phase by Islamic fundamentalist. Hopefully I am wrong.

  3. I am an emotional wreck too. My one and only child lives on Boylston St and goes to the Berklee College of Music that is also so very close to the explosions. I felt so helpless which I am sure you could relate to if it happened to Steph. My husband and I love driving up to Boston once a month just to walk around and enjoy, in what feels to us to be, a small town. I hope this doesn’t change. I’m afraid it will.

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