The Great American Flyover

No WiFi from Denver to Los Angeles. Talk about 21st Century problems! That gave me lots of time to look down as we flew west.

I enjoy geography and geology. I enjoy gazing out airplane windows trying to figure out why the Earth looks the way it does. So much west of the Rockies is desolate and inhospitable.

Some of the photos accompanying this blog post have been enhanced, because the land depicted is nearly featureless with neither bright brights nor dark darks!

Even where there’s no water now, it’s obvious water carved the land. There are deep channels and canyons in the dustiest of places.

Not all the points of interest are natural. From time-to-time there are human settlements. Why? Why there? Who would go there?

I had two hours of this kind of pondering before we hit the Southland. It’s good to have a window seat.

IMG_7944 Flying DEN to LAX_1

IMG_7945 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7943 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7941 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7932 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7959 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7957 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7955 Flying DEN to LAX

IMG_7952 Flying DEN to LAX

6 thoughts on “The Great American Flyover”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. They’re great.
    I remember my niece took a trip to the Southwest a number of years ago. When she came back she said ‘I never knew there were so many shades of BROWN.’. Funny.

  2. I always grab the window seat when we fly because I stare out the window the entire trip! I do that in the car too – cracks my husband up (when I’m not sleeping).

  3. Whenever I’ve flown over the rockies it amazes me that the pioneers crossed them on foot and by wagon, they just go on and on!

  4. Most of the time when I fly the windows I sit by are scratched up or have some sort of yuck on the outside. Does Clicky (right? that’s the name of the camera?)have a filter for that? or do you use Photoshop to clean the images up? I am flying to China and Croatia this year and I have window seats for parts of my journey and I keep wondering how does he get such nice images?

  5. Some pix seem to be of other planets….we need to explore our own 50 states more. I think the photos were all fablous….I’m pretty sure you took a “few” more…

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