The Foxes Have A Husky

We’ve spent the last few days with the Foxes of Irvine. There’s Michael, Melissa, Max and Scout. Scout is a Siberian Husky. Big dog!

Scout is a downstairs dog. He’s been upstairs once. When he looked back down, he froze. The hardwood stairs scared him so much he never went up again!

I’m used to Doppler. Scout is a more aggressive hunter. I came down to the kitchen tonight to find Scout munching on a long, thin, tasty loaf of bread. Scout has found it’s good to be tall!

You don’t take Scout for a walk. It is you who is taken for a drag! I know. Scout is powerful.

The really powerful never have to flaunt what they’ve got. Scout doesn’t. He is a gentle giant.

As a photographer I’m in love with Scout’s eyes. They’re more human than canine.

And then there’s Scout’s smile.

IMG_8037 Scout

IMG_8018 Scout

IMG_8035 Scout

IMG_8049 Scout

IMG_8051 Scout

IMG_8053 Scout

11 thoughts on “The Foxes Have A Husky”

  1. Dear Geoff,

    He is so cute. My brother use to have husky. His eyes so cute. Nice job on taking the pictures. Going to miss you when you move.

    Sheena (Waterbury, Ct)

  2. Yep, big dogs are different. They know it, and they’ll be glad to point that out to you as well. It requires a little more knowledge and consistency to manage all that energy.
    That one is a cutie. Nice pics!

  3. Great pictures. Brings back memories of my Huskie, Skye. She was named for her beautiful sky blue eyes. Same smile as Scout.

  4. Scout is beautiful. Someone needs to stop him from the “dragging” though, LOL. It can be done with patience and gentleness.

  5. Nothing like a big dog! Always had one, but now that the age is getting up there, Doppler size will be the next one!

    1. Click Nancy’s name which will take you to her website, then click the contact page. Because I can’t verify, I don’t post email addresses with comments.

  6. beautiful dog. WE used to have one when I was a kid. Her name was Saga. A neighbor had found her as a stray at a rt44 restaurant and took her in. WE got her from them. My mom was really against it (being a strict cat person) but THAt lasted all of one day. The rule was supposed to be that she lives in the garage and I would clean up after her and walk her. But within 24 hours she was inside and lou nging on the sofa. My mom LOVED that dog and eventually started walking her herself.
    The fun ended when our landlord made us get rid of all our pets. Saga went back to the people who originally found her and she died of cancer some years later but she was a great dog.

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