Puppy Party Then The Beach (With Photos)


Helaine and Steffie are at Ralph’s. I’m in Stef’s apartment with Roxie.

She’s a little more rambunctious than Doppler, but exceptionally sweet. I’m already pegged as a belly rubber. She immediately rolls on her back while I’m in range!

This is my first downtime since yesterday. We were busy. It all started with Roxie’s 4th birthday.

I know. A little over the top.

The party took place at Laura’s. She watches Roxie (and other dogs) while Stef’s at work.

Whatever Cesar Milan is, Laura is… times two!

Laura lives in a tiny house in Hollywood. When we got there there were six dogs and a cat. There were no barks!

Seriously, six dog and quiet!

And, of course all the dogs got along and they got along with the cat.

Stef, Laura and Helaine thought it would be fun to put the dogs in party hats. I kept saying, “photo op!”

As you’ll see from the pics, four hats, four dogs simultaneously. None of them was in a rush to take off his hat. I’ve never seen anything like this.

Helaine brought doggie cupcakes we got in Irvine. The dogs feasted.

After the party we headed to the beach in Santa Monica. It’s upscale and seaside with shopping, residences and small businesses downtown. It’s best known for the Santa Monica Pier which holds a small amusement park, shops and restaurants.

Stef challenged me to shoot hoops. One tie, two wins for her. I’m mortified.

It was hot, but nice by the ocean. A lot of folks don’t realize the water temperature off the California coast is chilly all year long. The current passes Alaska before getting to SoCal.

What used to be Third Street Santa Monica is now the Third Street Promenade. It’s an outdoor mall with very nice stores, including an Apple Store.

Stef and Helaine walked. I shot.

Traffic back to Hollywood was everything Angelinos complain about. Brutally slow bumper-to-bumper traffic. It there nightly, caused by the undersized 405 ramp. It went back miles.

We leave tonight for Tucson. Helaine’s Aunt Sue’s 100th birthday party is tomorrow. I’ve never been to Tucson.

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