The Web Dev Speaks

I’m finishing a website for a couple in Cheshire. It’s her business, but they’re both involved in the project. It’s been fun to design and what I plan to do when we get to SoCal.

Maybe it doesn’t seem this way from the outside, but web design is like writing or making furniture or any other creative pursuit.

Designing her site meant a logo, color scheme, fonts and a zillion other tiny details. It’s like picking an outfit to wear and making sure every piece goes together. When it works it is very satisfying.

Actually, the whole creative process is satisfying. That’s why I always enjoyed being on TV, even after three decades of doing it nightly. Being creative never gets old.

This is my expertise. The couple gave me a free hand with the understanding they have final say. That seems to be the easiest way to make everyone happy. Most people really don’t know what they want until after they see it!

I’ll unveil it in a few days.

2 thoughts on “The Web Dev Speaks”

  1. Are you going keep us posted on the house hunting? will we get to see the new pad? so we can really be jealous?

  2. I know the feeling. I do dance recital videos every year as a hobby thing and enjoy the editing process. When it comes out good ya feel great.
    If you can find a job you really love, you won’t work a day in your life.

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