To My Mom On A Very Happy Mother’s Day


I wrote a blog entry from the hospital in Boynton Beach last Mother’s Day. My mom was a patient. Things didn’t look good. I was pretty certain my mother’s health would continue to spiral downward.

I’m a grown-up. She’s still my mommy. It was very painful to watch.

She and I spoke on the phone tonight. I told her she was hard to shop for. It was funny and my mother let out a beautifully hearty laugh.

I never expected that. I never expected this miraculous return to humanity she’s had.

She’d been out clothes shopping today. Leaving the house. That’s more good news.

Lana, the godsend who does all the things my folks cannot, drove and otherwise led the expedition.

Leaving the house. Another big deal.

Don’t misunderstand. My mother’s health remains fragile. Walking and other small things most of us take for granted have become exceptionally difficult tasks.

This is has been quite the year for me with stupid mistakes and bad news. The shining light of it all is my mom.

My mom doesn’t get on the computer. I’m not sure how much of this my father will read to her later today. I hope he lets her know I love her as much as a son can love his mother.

Conversations with you and especially laughing with you make me very happy.

2 thoughts on “To My Mom On A Very Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. That was beautiful Geoff! No matter what we do our mothers are our biggest supporters and lend the biggest shoulder to cry on. My mother was for me as I am for my son.

  2. My son im MKE sent me this: “When a Mom calls out “See you soon!” she’s promising “I’ll be with you wherever you go”… That’s the same thought I’m sure your mother has had for you your entire life — and beyond. Happy Mother’s Day Geoff’s Mom!!!

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