Another Website Goes Live


We flipped the switch on Laurie Murphy’s website last night. She is a motivational speaker for little kids.

As the entire creative staff of DopplerDesign, I was responsible for developing her new logo and the rest of the site.

Something was missing. Video!

That’s what I’ve been working on for the past few hours. The screen above shows my editing program.

Helaine and I shot Laurie this afternoon in front of a nearby school. We brought my Canon 7D that’s usually used for still photography and a few lenses. Of course there was a microphone and tripod and other equipment specifically for video.

The video and site were fun to do. I’m not averse to wearing a multitude of hats.

There are still a few internal additions to make it more attractive to Google and Bing, but for humans it’s mainly finished.

One thought on “Another Website Goes Live”

  1. Cool!So glad you’re having fun with your new business. It’s never really work doing something you love to do.

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