Seriously Cable News, Don’t Rush It

I am watching MSNBC at the moment. Chris Matthews is in his usual hyperactive state. As they approached a commercial break, on came a Quinnipiac Poll with the potential outcome of Hillary Clinton versus a few Republicans in Virginia.

Hello! We just re-elected a president in November. The next presidential election is 3 years, 5 months, 22 days away. Am I going to have to go through this worthless horse race analysis for the next 1,271 days?

Looking at politics as a race instead evaluating competing issues trivializes the whole process. Little we know about the candidates today will make a difference then.

Isn’t there enough real news to fill their time?

3 thoughts on “Seriously Cable News, Don’t Rush It”

  1. Thank you! They drive me nuts when they do things like this. They don’t even want to have the decency to let us get over the migraine from listening to all the political babble from the past election coverage, which started just as early last time.

  2. I’m with you Geoff! It’s bad enough we have to endure a one-year run up to primaries, endless primaries and debates and signs and posters and other associated ads etc, before we actually elect someone. I wish we could go with the British system; you have 6 weeks to campaign before the election. End of story.
    Another thing I think is really stupid; people who put political bumperstickers on their cars. Great if your guy wins but if they lose you look like a jerk until you either cover up the sticker, somehow remove it (not easy since they use superglue on those things) or get rid of the car. Saw a ‘Linda for Senate’ sticker recently. And one that read ‘1/20/13/ end of on error’. Umm didn’t work out that way.

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