I Crashed The Blog

I have met the enemy and it is me! I managed to crash my own blog earlier tonight.

It started with an entry about the Köppen climate classification. I used the word Köppen in the title.

As an entry is named, its link is automatically created. WordPress didn’t appreciate the inclusion of an “ö” with an umlaut in the link and just stopped.


You could get to my home page, but everything else was AWOL.

This is one of those messy jobs where I had to go into the database which contains the blog entries and manually remove a few. The database is deep within the bowels of the website and critical to nearly every part of it.

It was tightrope without a net time. There’s always the worry I’ll fix something until it’s REALLY broken!

I’ll rewrite my Köppen climate classification entry later. Right now I’m just glad to be clickable again.

3 thoughts on “I Crashed The Blog”

  1. I feel your pain. I recently had to upgrade my hosting from a shared server to a VPS. Thankfully, my host has made it as smooth as humanly possible of a transition, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t caused my fair share of issues. So far so good, though!

  2. Technology is weird sometimes. Take for instance this week. My wireless printer went offline (no reason) I re-installed it on my laptop and off I went. I am used to this especially after a power outage.
    My daughter wants to print a report for school, no printer access, she tries, I try …nothing . Usually when Windows prompts you “do you want to install a wireless printer?” it populates , I select it and the rest is history. Nothing doing this time.
    Frustrated beyond reason, after much hair pulling I created access on a shared network so she could print via my access……..at least where there is a a will …..there is a way!

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