The New Knee

wpid-20130525_135932_PerfectlyClear_0001.jpgMy friend Big John is back in Connecticut. The “Big” in front of his name is well deserved. John is a giant of a man, tall, broad and powerful.

For much of his adult life John worked outdoors. His job was physical. He used every bit of his size and power. It took its toll.

John’s back in Connecticut getting a new knee. He lives in Florida where new knees are the norm, but medical care sucks. Too many old people with chronic conditions. Providing that care takes its toll on the providers.

“This place is number nine in the country,” John offered, referring to St. Francis’ Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute.

I’d been to St. Francis in the past, but didn’t remember it as big as it is. Like so many other medical centers, St. Francis has grown city sized!

Medical care is very big business. These buildings attest to that. That makes me uncomfortable.

The woman at the information desk handed me a map then rattled directions. I prayed there would be another information desk on my route. The hospital’s campus is that complex.

We live in amazing times. After his stay at St. Francis ends tomorrow, John heads to rehab. Within a few weeks he’ll be walking around as if nothing’s happened. All those years of hard work and abuse to John’s knees will be erased.

How cool is that?

9 thoughts on “The New Knee”

      1. Aww Geoff! If YOU were in the hospital and I had the cupcakes I’d definitely bring you one. You can always buy MORE cupcakes. Friends you can’t buy. Not real ones anyway.

  1. I would love to know if “Big John” was a guy I used to know way back in the 70-80s. The one I knew loved working outdoors. He did lots of jobs in Hamden.
    Ask him if he remembers Charlotte, Mary, Laura, Darlene and Cheryl.
    The one I knew had a beard also.

  2. So nice to see this about your friend and St. Francis, as I will be there June 5th for a knee replacement as well. I have heard a lot of great things about the hospital, and this is icing on the cake!!

  3. Sorry to disagree with you BUT I’ve lived in Southwest Florida for 9 years and the Doctors here are terrific. They are very well informed and caring. They are young enough to keep up with modern medicine but know when to reccommend a specialist. We feel very fortunate to have them and think of them as very special and dedicated professionals. I would not trade them at all.

    1. I agree with Suzanne. I am a RN in Hospice. I worked many years in the West Coast area of Florida, also born there. There are many fine hospitals in the state of Florida. I find your comment very insulting to those in my field. I’m sure those who cared for your mother and from what I heard, did a great job of getting her back to where she could do things you never thought possible again, would be just thrilled to hear what you said.
      I suppose it’s like having someone who is good at presenting the weather, rather than some fool, who is only interested in playing the role, in front of the camera.

      I would say you should be ashamed by your statement. However, from what I have heard, you aren’t ashamed of anything you say or do.

      Thank you Suzanne, I appreciate the kind words.

  4. The LAST thing I want is a young doctor. They have nothing but a trace of the diagnostic skills and common sense of the old docs and rely on technology instead of their minds. They are the reason that medical care is bankrupting America.

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