On A Plane, Again

wpid-20130601_122649.jpgOnce again Helaine and I are in the air. We somewhere over Iowa at 36,000 feet in clear air, well above the clouds, but bumpy. The forecast says another hour of rock and roll before things settle down.

We’re headed to Las Vegas. Considering we move from Connecticut in 2&#189 weeks, this trip is a little ill timed.

wpid-wp-1370107060051.jpgHowever, Stef’s birthday is Monday. As good parents, fly we must!

This has been a real, “Say Hi to Geoff” experience. The guy across the aisle follows me on Twitter. The woman next to Helaine shot a photo of me (mouth open), then took one with me. The people directly behind me caught on to what was happening and said hello too.

Will I miss this celebrity on the West Coast? Yes, I will.

No need to be dishonest. I enjoy the fame and have always tried to remember it’s a two way street. My job is to be gracious and let people know how much I really do appreciate their years of viewing and trust in my weather judgement.

I’m not sure it’s been mentioned here on the blog yet, but I would like to continue forecasting when we get to SoCal. It would be great to find some part time or freelance on-air work in LA. Whether that happens is another story.

If you’ve got contacts or advice you’d like to share, drop me a line.

I do plan to continue creating websites through DopplerDesign. Web design is a fun challenge. I especially enjoy working from home in pajamas!

Sully just told us we’re over Nebraska with 2:20 to go before Las Vegas. I’m ready.

One thought on “On A Plane, Again”

  1. Please wish stef a happy birthday from us. We hope to see you before you go.

    Love to all from,

    -The Bogrette’s

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