Pictures From The New House

new house front view

I’m not sure why she was there, but we’re thrilled Cousin Melissa drove by our new house today.

new house inside looking out“Ask her to take some pictures,” I yelled across to Helaine.

What was a plot of dirt, then a framed shell, is nearing completion. The carpeting and flooring are down. Plants are going in outside.

As construction continues out west, deconstruction continues here in Connecticut. I took down the rest of our artwork from the first floor. As soon as I’m finished writing this I’ll begin tackling the second floor.

We’re bringing it all, but will there be wallspace? The new place is significantly smaller with lots of windows.

Lots to do on both coasts. A busy week ahead.

18 thoughts on “Pictures From The New House”

  1. Maybe you could share gardening tips for both coasts….and weather forecasts, of course.
    Although we are going to truly miss you, here’s wishing you and Helaine great happiness as you begin the next chapter in your life.
    Meanwhile, don’t go to bed yet…… have too much to do! 🙂

  2. GEOFF,nice looking house! Hope your move, goes smoothly. Please don’t forget about us, especially during hurricane season!! I wish you,HELAINE,and, DOPPLER, nothing but happiness,in this new chapter of your life!

  3. House looks beautiful. Is that the ocean in the background? Gonna miss you but wishing you, Helaine and Doppler much happiness in your new home. Shalom.

  4. Absolutely hate the fact that you are leaving…but seeing your destination makes it understandable…good luck always Geoff!!

  5. It looks like a beautiful house.
    I’m also going through a move right now. The process is so stressful. Inspection is on Saturday morning & keeping my fingers crossed all goes well. Like you, I am downsizing, but only moving twenty minutes north to Plymouth CT area to be closer to my daughter. Sure do wish the ocean was there though!!!!!!
    Best of luck on your move. You will be missed here in CT.

  6. Nice looking house Geoff. Love the style and the roof especially. I am wondering what that building is to the far left. Is that an attached structure (garage or something)?

  7. Geoff,

    Best of luck in your journey. Some years back a family friend (Ray F.) from your old place offered to give me tour. I wish I had taken him up on the offer. I believe the tour would have included a meet and greet with you. I always thought your work on television was great! It was never overhyped nor boring, it was a have medium. (pun intended!)

    Don’t go to sleep yet! I’m sure you will have plenty of fun, excitement and success on west coast!


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