Right Now We’re Deflating

Neither Helaine nor I remember moving into this house 23 years ago. That seems very strange considering the house is upside down with boxes nearly everywhere. How could there not be vivid memories of the last time?

We will move. Right now we’re deflating! The refrigerator is as empty as I’ve ever seen it. Ditto the pantry. My underwear and sock drawer have plenty of empty space too.

We had a dumpster a few months ago. It’s making a return appearance.

My car has been reassigned to the driveway. Its spot in the garage has become a staging area with things to be moved or to be sold at a tag sale this Saturday (weather permitting).

We have been saying so long to people.

wpid-20130608_203855.jpgEddie and Pam, who we met at birthing class, joined us last night at Pepe’s on Wooster Street. We will miss them and Pepe’s and Sue who works there and collects touristy pens.

Tonight I was in Newington having dinner with Floyd Wright from WDRC-FM. We know each other since freshman year in college.

I still have TV friends to see and Rick and Harold and the neighbors. How the hell can we fit all of this in?

When I was in radio I moved all the time. I lived in West Palm Beach, Charlotte, Cleveland, Phoenix and Philadelphia. It never seemed earth shattering then. Now our world is topsy turvy.

When I drove to Florida for my first fulltime job in radio, everything I owned fit in my Volkswagen with room for a hitchhiker (who let me crash on his dorm room floor at Georgetown). Times have changed.

Helaine has done most of the work. She has the organizational skills. I have to step things up.

We enter the home stretch. Not much more than a week to go. Then the long drive begins.

15 thoughts on “Right Now We’re Deflating”

  1. I am as sad about your move as anyone. Saying Goodbye is hard. You are leaving behind many memories. Funny you don’t remember moving in. But I will remember all the times – in different homes, with different people – that we tuned in to your forecasts. At times, I even planned dinner time around it depending on the weather. If it was a snow storm or hurricane – there we were – eating in front of the TV. Or standing in front of it as we wondered about work or if we needed to take precautions, etc. Gonna miss you Geoff – as I’ve missed you on TV these past months – you were our “goto weatherperson”. Wishing you all the best in your new home. Please stay in touch!

  2. Sorry to see you leaving CT, but it looks like this move will be better for you than hanging around here. Best of luck in your future endeavors!!! It will be tough for the rest of us here to lose both you and Dr. Mel, but life most go on for you and your family!!!!

  3. Geoff, You will be greatly missed. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors! Please keep in touch and keep up posted on the happening in this crazy thing we all call life. Wishing you safe travels and all the best.

  4. Geoff, This is really kind of sad to see you go and to say good bye. Wishing you much happiness and success in your future!!

  5. Geoff and Helaine
    As you wrap up your life in CT I wish you the best out west! We will miss you Geoff Fox. Have been watching you forever! Followed you to different channels because you were the best! It has been hard not having you as our weather guy since you left tv, but it has been great following you via twitter and Facebook. Now we might have to let go and find another weather guy..there are a few good ones…but none like you! You always delivered the weather and other stories with such enthusiasm and a smile! Will never forget “now don’t go to sleep yet, I’ll be back with the weather”
    Best of everything Geoff…you will be missed in CT!

  6. Geoff and Helaine, wishing you the best always. CT has lost a great personality. I have enjoyed you over all the years and thank you for your time. It’s like lossing family. Tell Helaine to say hi to Rick Springfield for me!! Lol

  7. Geoff, you moved when you were younger – piece of cake when we’re young. When we are older, not so much. You may not remember the DAY you moved in the home you are leaving, but I am sure you will never forget all of the precious memories that were made there.
    The best wishes coming your way for a wonderful new chapter in your lives. Please keep posting on Facebook so we don’t feel so lost without you.
    I am sure I speak for many of us here in Connecticut that we have grown very fond of you and your family. ♫♫♫ Thanks for the Memories! ♫♫♫

  8. I was your childbirth educator way back when! I have run into Pam now and then and it always made me feel good to know you guys had maintained such a good friendship. Distance won’t change that. Good luck on your new venture.

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