When I Agree With Rand Paul

In the modern era I’m what’s called a progressive. I guess that’s because people are scared of saying, liberal. I answer to liberal too.

With that in mind, it scares me I’m siding with Congressman Rand Paul, while simultaneously upset Bill O’Reilly hasn’t gone far enough!

Strange bedfellows? Uh, yeah.

We are all upset about the federal government’s spying. They’re spying on us. They’ve forgotten about the 4th Amendment which draws a well defined line around how snoopy the government can get.

Some in the government say the revelations by former Booz Allen Hamilton analyst Edward Snowden are treasonous. Nah.

“The only things we’ve damaged is the reputations of American political officials and not national security.”

That’s from Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who broke the NSA story. Neither Rand Paul nor I could have said it better.

4 thoughts on “When I Agree With Rand Paul”

  1. ….and do our political officials really have a reputation that can be damaged?!?! I think they’ve already done that on their own….again and again and again!

  2. Don’t let what you’re feeling scare you Geoff. You are only applying understanding, logic and reasoning (much as a meteorologist would) to the facts as presented. Too many people in the recent past were averse to doing just that, IMO because they felt we were on the brink of a great new “transparency”. It turns out, as Pete Townshend famously said “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

  3. Greenwald’s quote is right on. I just hope he can hide really well. The problem is most people will think this is the result of just one political party..it’s not. I’m becoming more and more convinced that our great country is run by other than the President, etc. Worth some thought.

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