What Makes A Home A Home


Our walls are bare. Our photos and artwork are sitting on the floor, waiting to be wrapped and boxed. It’s sad to see.

I seriously had no clue there were this many individual pieces.

This is the kind of thing that makes a house a home. Taking them down is another sign of what’s to come.

The photo is just from the second floor. The first floor has piles too.

Most of what’s come down will go back up in the new house. Not everything. Tastes change.

“You never liked this one,” Helaine said while holding a piece framed in Plexiglas. We bought it years ago in a charity auction.

It was going to go to the tag sale until Helaine did some online sleuthing and discovered comparable pieces from this artist go for thousands… many thousands. Trust me, we didn’t pay thousands. I’m not even sure we paid hundreds.

Hey Plexiglas framed art, you’re coming to California.

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Home A Home”

  1. So are you going to give us directions and hours for the tag sale? And do blog readers get a discount? 🙂

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