I Won’t Miss Snow


It’s pouring tonight! We’re in the midst of a rainy stretch in the Northeast. Connecticut is as green and lush as it ever gets.

Look out our back windows. Jungle!

It’s just a pain to deal with.

Friday morning is our normal trash pick-up. We’re ‘super users’ this week. Helaine and I carried trash out in the back of her SUV. Doppler came and supervised.

We’ve got a dumpster too. Don’t ask.

Many of you think we are moving where there’s no weather. Not so. There’s just less weather and it’s not as extreme.

Southern California has very noticeable dry and wet seasons. Summers are dry. It gets hot inland, mild closer to the coast. The Pacific’s reach inland is much greater than Long Island Sound’s influence here.

It seldom gets humid.

Winter is rainy season. Depending on how that goes, you get mud slides and/or brush fires.

People in California build in dangerous places, like on canyon walls, because they’re unbelievably beautiful. Homes that make you gasp. Fire danger is factored into your life.

I was never a lover of snow. Remember, while you were checking to see if work or school was closed, I was working. I drove in every storm. I’m a very good snow driver, though I have never been more scared than driving after the October snowstorm.

Beyond that, we haven’t mastered the science of snow. Yes, I can predict it’s coming, but there’s little skill with snowfall amounts. Forecasts are more accurate than ever before. Not enough.

It bothered me greatly I couldn’t be more accurate with snow amounts. If I could have worked longer, or studied more, I would have. It’s just beyond the current grasp of atmospheric science.

I won’t miss snow.

9 thoughts on “I Won’t Miss Snow”

  1. I’ve always understood that you didn’t like snow much. I love it. Twenty, thirty years ago – driving in snow wasn’t that bad. Why? Well, most people stayed home so you had a lot more leeway and also, I had a VW bug. That little car did great in the snow – got me home in the Blizzard of ’78 when so many others were stranded. I don’t like to drive in the snow anymore – people here don’t know how to; get all carried away with their SUV’s. Yet I love snow. If I could, I’d move even further North. I wish you many pleasant days, not too much rain.

  2. Geoff – I will truly miss your forecasts when the information is critical – hope to keep up with your blog in CA. Best of luck to you.

  3. I will miss your forecasts but I moved to Massachusetts last fall, and you were off air by then anyway, But when you were on, I noticed you downplayed the snow events, (maybe to comfort Ann Nyberg, haha) while Dr Mel hyped them up.
    I always liked your corny sense of humor, because I am also corny, much to my kids’ dismay.
    Good Luck in Cali!! (I understand what you’re going thru with moving and all the dumpsters and purging! On the last day, I loaded what I could in my SUV, around the golden retriever, and still have leftover stuff so we took it to a pizza place’s dumpster. We were super users on trash day and hubby refused to leave stuff on the curb after we left like everyone else did.we liked a clean getaway)

  4. I think you sometimes are way over critical about yourself. As you grew up in the weather business here in Connecticut, you Geoff became the most accurate forecaster we had on television. You always let the folks here in Connecticut know that, for instance, “we could have….” or “it might turn into…”. And it wasn’t just second guessing; you were telling us that due to the weather conditions we could get something on the minor side or maybe something more major. You always let us know you would commit more once more information was gathered. It was that along with your personality that grew on the people of Connecticut. Despite the fact that other meteorologists on the stations here know what they are talking about and can forecast weather they do NOT have what you have. The first word that comes to mind is charisma, but it’s more than that. You have the whole package.
    Best of luck once again on your new chapter in life. To you and your whole family.

  5. I am definitely with you on that one, Geoff! I, too, will (soon hopefully!) be moving out of snow country, and will miss it like a hole in the head! I will never understand all these people who think it’s so beautiful & so wonderful. Yeah, let’s sing the praises to something that causes traffic accidents and causes people to hurt or even kill themselves removing it. Makes perfect sense to me!

  6. I don’t mind if you weren’t EXACTLY right on snow totals as long as you weren’t wildly off.
    I had to drive home from work when the big October storm hit. Lived in a house on a hill right on rt 6. Had to make a 90 degree turn into the driveway in the middle of the hill, Almost didn’t make it. Bigger concern I had was I had a pregnant stray cat in the garage ready to have kittens any day. I was so afraid she’d have them while the power was out. She didn’t though. She waited ten more days. Mom and kittens were fine.

  7. Bye Geoff, we really enjoyed your forecasts and even went to Fox when Fox went to Fox. We will miss you. I am from CA and you are LUCKY to be going there!! They aren’t so uptight about sex there, it is silly to lose your job over an indiscretion, shame on Fox News. Take care!

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