No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

From the no good deed goes unpunished file…

With a few days left before we drive off into the sunset, Helaine decided a tag sale was in order. As I’ve found out, we’ve accrued a boatload of stuff!

By 6:00 PM everything was out on the driveway, neatly displayed on the 15 tables Helaine rented.

Then came the text message. Rain on the radar! Seriously, Mother Nature? I thought we were friends.

Within a few minutes EVERYTHING was back in the garage.

We did get a little rain. Not much. It didn’t make any difference. Any rain was too much.

It’s all back outside now. We’re ready for our 9:00 AM kickoff.

My back will never be the same.

10 thoughts on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

  1. 9:00 am? I think you haven’t had a tag sale before. Be up, dressed and ready for the “early birds” who are in your driveway at 7:00 because they don’t care what time YOU plan to open!

  2. 9!!! You better not go to sleep. All tag/garage sales start EARLY. People at out before dawn looking for bargains. 9 am is when it’s considered over. Get your backside up at crack of 6am

  3. You set up everything and left it out in the driveway? Did you cover it? If not, you may wake up and find some stuff missing. Oh, and you better be up by 6am because people will start arriving soon after. If you have stuff left after the sale, please consider donating it. The Salvation Army will come out, look at your stuff, and take what they want (usually not much). Goodwill will take just about anything, but you have to deliver it to them. Good luck, and have fun. 🙂

  4. I really think this 6 AM business is for the birds…and 9 AM sounds like a MUCH more civilized time of day to start tag-saling.

  5. I agree with Laurie. 9 am is more civilized. NO EARLY BIRDS it says in the Craigslist ad. No early birds is right! Tell them to go back to bed and return at a respectable hour. hee hee!

  6. Geoff, unrelated to this post, your site stopped showing up on my feed aggregator (feedly) I think around the time you had your site crash back towards the end of May. I tried to resubscribe, but it still isn’t showing up. Figured I would let you know.

  7. You know Geoff, I was reading about your tag sale and thinking that it was supposed to possibly rain again and wondered what you were going to do…sure enough it started to rain a little later and I thought of you and hoped you were able to cover the stuff or something..Glad to hear you didn’t get poured hard for a bit here in Waterbury….Good luck with the sale!

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