2,867 Miles

california route  from Google Maps

We are moving to Irvine, California. It is a lovely city 2,867 driving miles from here. So says Google.

It is an easy route. That hasn’t always been the case.

Across the GWB, then Interstate 80. We’ll cross New Jersey then Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, before getting on Interstate 76 in Nebraska.

That’s 1,673 miles down. There’s still 1194 to go!

I-76 heads toward Denver where we’ll pick up I-70. Then under the Continental Divide in the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Past the Rockies the population gets very sparse. Between Green River and Salina, Utah, I-70 sets the record for longest distance on any Interstate between gas stations–110 miles! We’ll drive through an area known for its dinosaur finds, many exposed.

No one comes here by accident. Everyone’s just passing through. It’s places like this where you realize the Mountain West is mostly empty.

Next up I-15. I’ve driven this part before. Unusually ‘twisty’ for an Interstate. Mountain passes, then down in elevation and through the desert, past Las Vegas, all the way to Los Angeles. This part of the trip contains some of the ugliest land known to man!

Our new home is around 40 miles south, in Orange County.

It’s tough to say how many days, but my early guess is Tuesday departure, Sundayish arrival.

This will be an electronically aided drive. We’ll have a computer with cell service to the Internet, plus my cell phone. Helaine’s car has a few outlets. Batteries alone won’t be enough.

I even bought a cable to allow my phone to play into her car’s “AUX” channel. Pandora or virtually any radio station in the world… where there’s cell service.

We’d both like to log our progress. I’ll figure a way to digitally record that. Probably won’t post it real time, because it’s creepy enough with AT&T knowing where I am every moment of the day.

I plan on blogging during the trip, with photos and video. You are encouraged to read.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Google also calculates the driving time to SoCal: “In current traffic 43 hours.”

25 thoughts on “2,867 Miles”

  1. Geoff good luck, made similar drive in September 2011 moved from Enfield to Chandler Arizona, plan it out well sleep in if you have too! It helps! Good luck and safe travels!

  2. Good luck Geoff. Best Wishes And Much Good Luck On This New Adventure In your Life. Sorry To See You Leave Us, But I know You Have To Do What Is Best For You. Plus Being Near Your Daughter Is A Wonderful Thing. Have A Safe Trip And Don’t Forget Your Family In Ct. And I Feel Like Family Because I Have Watched You For Many Years And You Were In My Home For Over 20 Years Although It Was On The TV, You Became Part Of My Family,You And Wondeful Doppler. Wish You Happiness, But Will Miss You A Lot, You Are The Only Weather Man I Have Ever Watched. You Can’t Be Replaced. Don’t Go To Sleep Yet Will Be In My Heart Forever!! xoxo

  3. Just did much of that drive last week. The stretch on 70 from west of Denver through until you join up with the 15 is one of my all time favorites. Desolate, but truly unbelievable geography. If you are looking for a break, the town of Moab 30 miles south of Green River is unbelievably picturesque and “cool” with great places to eat. It is my husband’s and mine favorite place to visit. (Alternately, the stretch of I-15 from the eastern Nevada state line until the Cajon pass is my least favorite drive of all time, ever.)

  4. Best of luck my friend…I drove I -80…when I was 18…with the family….to Yellowstone… your journey is farther…..

  5. Rt. 80 until you get across the Mississippi is a pain in the ass. Constant construction in Pa. Constant radar traps in Ohio and your close enough to get caught in extended Chicago area traffic. I would try the I-40 route to get to where you’re going. Ct will miss you, you’re one of the few who understood the coriolis effect and the Navier Stokes equations.

  6. Our son drove this same route, twice. For a summer co-op and after college for his job, from Rochester NY to LA. It took him 4-1/2 days. He said from NY to Denver was just flat and not that interesting. Utah was amazing with all the rock formations. Desert was cool too. Take your pictures and do a Shutterfly photo book.

  7. If it was me driving, I would take I84 to Scranton and pick up I80 there. I HATE dealing with New York traffic trying to reach the GWB! Good luck in your new home, and safe travels!

  8. Dear Geoff, Helaine and Doppler,
    You will be in my prayers during your travels and that you arrive safe to start your new journey in life. You leave many heavy hearts I am sure. Thank you for the many years of weather and science facts you gave us and always with a smile. I will forever remember “Don’t go to bed yet” Wishing all of you happiness in your next phase in life. Godspeed

  9. During a recent trip to the Delaware Water Gap, I discovered that I-287 connects to I-80 pretty seamlessly in New Jersey, obviating the need to do battle with New York traffic. In 1968, my family drove from Lancaster, CA to Montreal, PQ, Canada. Rt. 66 was still an actual road designation. As someone born and raised in the green hills of Connecticut, the landscape was interesting. Good luck.

  10. Have a safe trip. Just remember if it says no services for the next 100 miles it isn’t just food and gas, it also means cell service. It happened to us.
    I also would avoid NYC. I would take Tapanzee or I-84, both will get you to I-80. The way they are sending you CAN be a nightmare.
    Safe travels. Connecticut will miss you.

  11. Geoff, on I-70 just west of Denver is Idaho Springs, home to Beau-Jo’s pizza. If you need a food stop, you have to stop there! It’s right off the highway and the coolest place ever, in an old mine, and their salad bar is in old claw foot tubs. Their mountain pizzas are INCREDIBLE! Get the whole wheat crust and they give you a container of honey to drizzle on the crust. Built-in dessert with your pizza! Check out their website, http://www.beaujos.com. And 15 minutes from Denver (before Beau-Jo’s) is Red Rocks amphitheater. If you need a break for Doppler or just to stretch your legs, swing by there. I’ts about 5 minutes from I-70. Besides seeing Red Rocks where many legendary performers have performed, they have a really neat FREE museum chronicling the performers which included the Beatles way back when. We’re all going to miss you so much here in CT and wish you, Helaine, and Doppler a safe trip cross country!

  12. I took two trips across the country in my 20`s.One by the Northern route and one by the southern route.Good luck and have fun.

  13. One day I will do the coast to coast run, But probably not Interstate all the way take some time doing it maybe 14 days or so, for the record I like what we in the uk call the MAMBA (miles and miles of B****R all) feels good to get out of the city and into the country……. I hope you have a great trip, and good luck with your new start out in CA.

  14. My niece lived in Irvine for a short time while interning at a company out there. She really enjoyed it; I was sorry I never got out to see her.

    Geoff, good luck to you, Helaine and Doppler on the move. We’ll all miss you. Especially this winter – who will give us the good info on the snow?

    Enjoy your new life.

  15. when i head out that way like to get on the PA TPK and head out on 70 where it splits just before pittsburgh. New York area is a pain but like to get 0n 78 to pa tpk and your on ur way. don’t know abt construction these day but if u belong to aaa stop by hamden office and check the route. probably could look up construction aress on state transportation websites

  16. Good luck Geoff! Wishing you well in California and the great move! Enjoy the warm weather and palm trees! We will miss you in CT!!!!

  17. You should make a pitstop in Boulder! My own personal meteorologist lives there and it’s where the NCAR is located! I could give you his phone number and you could have lunch 🙂

  18. you need the setup that w5kub has when he broadcast his drive to Dayton and Huntsville hamvention every year. do a little part of the trip everyday

  19. Wave as you go past Victorville…we have a weekend home out there in the depths of the desert (in a lake, believe it or not). Then wave again as you pass Corona on the 15, where we usually live during the week…then you’ll know you are out of the desert and into the coastal climate.

    Be sure to stop in Barstow at the world’s biggest MacDonalds store…

    It’s a long, hot trip–bring plenty of water and your 2-meter radio gear–in many of the desert area repeaters keying up and then holding the ‘zero’ on your DTMF keypad for at least 3-4 seconds gets an all-out emergency response…just in case you are out of cell phone range.

  20. Wave to my family in PA, Chicago, and Denver…too bad the Cali son is in Santa Rosa too far North to see you pass by…they ALL grew up with you in Madison, CT…Safe trip….hold onto Doppler on pit stops…too many lost pets during travel….XOXO

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