CT To CA — We’re In Elkhart

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Indiana wants me, Lord I can’t go back there (This is the police. You are surrounded. Give yourself up) – R. Dean Taylor 1970

We are in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV Capital of the World! We actually passed the RV/MH Hall of Fame while cruising down I-80. No warning. No billboards. We waved and drove on.

Since leaving Hamden we’ve clocked 757 miles, including 519 miles today. We were on the road about nine hours (including stops), meaning we averaged 57.6 mph. We’ll do much better going forward.

We began the day in Danville, PA. No rush. We were on the road around 11:30.

Pennsylvania was very pretty. Lots of hills and valleys. Very green.

I-80 is mostly 2-lanes per side. They need more.

We stopped for gas at Snappy’s in Du Bois (pronounced dew boyz). As we exited the Interstate we noticed a long line of vehicles standing on the exit ramp. Construction past the exit had created a tiny town traffic tragedy!

One lane was closed Flagmen were controlling traffic. They were alternating the flow every ten minutes or so.

Ten minutes doesn’t sound long now, but it seemed endless then.

We crossed the state line where I-80 transitions to the Ohio Turnpike. The nominal speed limit is 70 mph, but for at least half the trip the left lane was closed and the limit was 50. Frustrating.

Ohio is mainly flat, though there are some small rises and dips in the east. Approaching the western border things flattened out. We’ve seen lots of farms with irrigation rigs hundreds of feet long.

Better luck found us in Indiana. Fewer construction zones and a higher speed limit. It’s 70 mph here. I’ve been keeping the cruise control around 79. So far, no friends with party lights on their vehicle.

We found another Red Roof Inn, chosen for their dog policy. This one’s a little more worn, but good for our purposes.

Tomorrow we’ll try for Nebraska. That’s a stretch and I might be forced to scale back as we progress, especially because of the threat for severe storms, but that’s the goal.

11 thoughts on “CT To CA — We’re In Elkhart”

  1. Hey, Fox. While going thru Nebraska, try U.S. Route 30, aka The Lincoln Highway, for a bit of your travels. From Kearney to North Platte. You’ll follow the original Transcontinental Railroad: the Union Pacific. A great place for any railfan. Someday I hope to retire there. To you and Helene, mobile safely. 73/88, Phil N1BOW

  2. Hey Geoff,

    As a well season road traveler! May I suggest getting the Waze app on your smart phone. I love it especially fellow wazers warn you of bears in the bushes, accidents and construction ahead. Also Red Roof as I’m a Reddie member has 15% percent off for pets check their website for it. If not email me and I can get you the discount link. Good luck, keep us posted on your progress and happy trails to youuuuu. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update – glad to hear you’re making progress. Is Doppler still lap-sitting? Wonder what she thinks is happening. I drove from CT to western IL regularly for a couple of years – getting through PA seemed to be the biggest achievement. But then the corn fields started. Drive safely!

  4. Another 500 mile day through the rest of Illinois and Iowa. wx holds up and traffic is good easy ride to Nebraska.

  5. With all this traveling by car, how’s your back holding up? It’s a long sit for anyone yet alone for someone who’s had back issues and surgery. I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life.

  6. I’ve driven to TX a few times and once to MN, but never all the way to CA! I love seeing everything, instead of flying over it. I’ll be reading your posts with interest.
    Thanks for the link to petswelcome.com. I’ll definitely use it as we’re thinking of bringing our dog on vacation this summer.
    Safe travels!

  7. If you stay on I-80, near Kearny,NB you will pass under the Arch. Sort of touristy but fun to visit.Here’s their website. http://www.archway.org/

    If you take US 30, which I will be taking from Atlantic city to Astoria,OR, keep your windows closed on the eastern part near Blair. Lots of feedlots and the smell on a hot summer day is quite something. Safe travels.

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