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I’m writing tonight from Lincoln, Nebraska, continuing our trip to California.

This was a good day on the road. The goal was 600 miles and we did 627… though Google informs me it’s only 563 miles as the crow flies.

Next time we’re going by crow!

Overall we’ve driven 1,384 miles since we left Connecticut. That’s 48% of the way.

Lots of folks have been asking about Doppler. I can’t overstate how good a traveler she’s been, laying on Helaine’s lap with her head resting on the center console. Most of the time she’s dozing. She’s never a bother.

The trip has affected her appetite. She has refused to eat her normal food. We spent an hour or so going to Petsmart in Mishawaka, IN&#185. The dry food we got made no difference!

We’re told she will eat when she’s hungry. She’s still eating treats.

Google’s navigation app is how we find our way. Leaving Petsmart it took us to a road closed for construction!

Google knew the road was closed. It said so on my screen!

We tried to find another route, but Google kept asking us to u-turn and go back.

We ad libbed our own route, skirting around the Notre Dame campus in South Bend. This shopping trip/detour (and stops for gas and the bathroom) is why we only averaged 57 mph today.

Traffic was moderate on the Indiana Tollway. We stayed mostly at the speed limit with little opportunity to go faster. Things slowed down as we drove into Illinois, staying south of Chicago. Speeds finally picked as we moved into rural Western Illinois.

It’s easy to think of the Mississippi River as the center of the country. Not so! We’re 400 miles west of the Mississippi and just approaching the middle.

Next up was Iowa. I expected boring. It’s actually quite pretty. Both Helaine and I were pleasantly surprised.

We passed hundreds of farms along the way. It’s early in the season. The corn is as high as an elephant’s ankle.

What is tall (and huge) are the dozens of power generating windmills we saw. I’m all for clean energy and wind power, but the truth is, they’re a blight on the landscape.

If the folks here don’t mind, I don’t mind. I’m a definite NIMBY on wind power.

Around 6:00 PM CDT, 20 miles short of Council Bluffs IA, we pulled into a rest area to make hotel reservations. Iowa provides free WiFi at the rest areas. I plopped the laptop on the hood and pecked away. Thank you Hawkeyes.

We’re staying across the road from the Nebraska State Penitentiary!

The goal is another 600 mile day tomorrow which would bring us past Denver and through the Rockies. With Nebraska’s speed limit set at 75 mph (meaning a cruising speed around 83 mph) it’s easily doable.

&#185 – Mishawaka is best known as the home of Ann Nyberg’s sister.

10 thoughts on “CT To CA — All The Way To Nebraska”

  1. Thanks for the updates, Geoff! As long as Doppler is drinking water (bottled?) and eating treats, she’ll be fine – poor little kid is probably very confused. Once you get there and settled she’ll bounce back. Hope you and Helaine are hanging in there as well (-I’d be a wreck – I’m with Doppler in the ‘don’t do change well’ camp).

  2. Mishawaka is also where they make Wellness dog food… great dog food, the owner ate it himself one night on CNN… travel safe…

  3. sounds like a great trip – Doppler will be fine – she is probably saying where are they taking me???? once you are there and settled in she will be back to normal. Scenery must be spectacular – rest up tonite for tomorrows drive and stay safe. CT misses you guys already for sure.

  4. Wish I had written some sort of journal on my travels from CT to Alaska. It was a drive I shall never forget. And we had a cat with us! However, she did stay in a nice carrier, and I would suggest Doppler be traveling safe as well, and be in her carrier while you are driving. Safe travel to you, Helaine and Doppler on the rest of your trip.

  5. Doppler will recover. She isn’t getting the same amt. of exercise as she did running around the house. Rest stops don’t do it either, as there are oh—so many new scents to absorb. So as long as you keep her hydrated , she’ll do fine. I agree with H above, thogh, in that she should either be in her own seat belt or a carrier, for complete safety. Many dogs do not travel well in carriers, which is why I us a safety harness and seat belt.
    Despite the construction,(this is the season for it)—you are making good time. Having 2 drives helps. Be Safe.and take in some of the sights along the way. God Speed—-

  6. glad to hear the trip is going well. IMO your getting into the good part of the trip. The Rockies are majestic. If you get a breather stop in Golden CO. (Home of the coors brewery) Beautiful town at the foothills of the Rockies. May I also suggest a quick detour over Loveland Pass, takes you around the Eisenhower tunnel and back on I-70 in Dillon CO. (the tunnel is cool but, I’d rather see where you cross the continential divide). Anyway, Good Luck and be safe on your journey to the west.

  7. 6/21/13

    Thank you Geoff for keeping us informed. I hope you will still when you hit your new home state. drive safe. like I said before one door close another door opens. hope you taking pictures. Keep us update on facebook ok. Don’t go to sleep yet


  8. Wish I were home to show you my state! The next part of your drive is gorgeous so enjoy! Be safe. I also found that if I take my dog to a dog park while traveling they sack out better. There is an app that lists dog parks on your trip. Dog parks also make a good break in your trip for the humans. I usually use the GPS finder thingy in my car. I just say what I want and it tells me where it is. Safe travels!

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