CT To CA — Are We Tired!


I was planning on a blog entry about today’s journey through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, but it will have to wait. We are incredibly tired!

Meanwhile, I did want you to see the road sign above. It’s from the terminus of I-70 in Utah.

How often do you get to choose between Heaven and Hell?

4 thoughts on “CT To CA — Are We Tired!”

  1. Made the same choice last summer touring the West with my friend from Vegas. Guess it’s not hard to figure out what fork in the road I decided on.

  2. I take it the specific definition of “heaven” and “hell” here is left as an exercise for the viewer? 😉

    (Isn’t that a beautiful drive? You’ll see a bit more on your way out of St. George, too.)

  3. I was hoping you’d do some site seeing while on the way. It’s a beautiful country we have yaknow.

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