It’s All Mind Boggling

Another busy day. We’re doing our best to help the economy. First though, we headed to our pre-home to do the pre-sale walkthrough.

Not perfect, but pretty good. There was a scratch on a counter, a few cracked roof tiles and electrical outlets which weren’t installed. Nothing Earth shattering. It will all be fixed.

There’s a lot to learn.

Homes and building codes have progressed since we moved to Hamden 23 years ago. Accommodation has been made where TVs get hung on walls. All the rooms are wired for Internet access. There are special switches for ceiling fans, timed switches where lights might be left, light sensitive switches outside on and bathroom exhaust fan switches that sense steam from the shower! You get the idea.

We spent a few hours looking, listening and learning. How much will we remember a few weeks down the road? Good question.

After the inspection we headed to my cousins to do laundry. This transition is difficult, but it’s a whole lot easier because they’re here. It’s impossible to thank them enough.

More to do. We bought a refrigerator, gas grill, washer and dryer… plus all the little parts that should come with those items, but don’t.

We weren’t done yet, because this evening we signed all the papers for the closing. In California house closings takes place over a period of days. We signed tonight, but won’t really close until sometime Friday afternoon.

It’s all mind boggling.

Last week, while still in Connecticut, I told Helaine I had no idea how we’d accomplish everything as scheduled. And yet here we are with everything moving toward an on-time completion.

Seriously, don’t ask how we’ve done this. I couldn’t tell you.

4 thoughts on “It’s All Mind Boggling”

  1. Is Doppler eating normally again? Hope she’s herself now.
    Are there any special features required because of the earthquake risk? I read somewhere that CA building codes impose special standards we don’t have here in CT.

  2. That wife of yours certainly had everything organized down to a T didn’t she? So glad you are getting closer to your closing!!! Cannot wait to see the new crib! LOL

  3. I suspect Doris is right about the main reason you guys are so on target with your schedule. Congrats, Helaine.

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