The Outdoor Life


We’re homeowners.  All the paperwork has been completed. Early this afternoon Helaine and I were handed keys to a home in what was an avocado grove a few years ago.

Am I allowed to say anticlimactic? Of all the benchmarks we’ve passed this was the easiest!

So, here we are in a house without furniture or furnishings. We don’t even have a refrigerator yet.


Until then we will stay down the road in our hotel. There’s a story there too. We’re staying in a former lima bean silo!

We still have lots to accomplish, so we headed out to dinner and some Home Depot shopping.

We have a logistical problem. Doppler!

We don’t want to leave her in a hotel room, so we’ve been finding places where we can eat outside. That’s how the fountain photo found its way here. It’s at the local shopping center, a few minutes from the house.

The three of us sat on comfy chairs out in the golden sunshine that precedes sunset. Helaine and I munched from Panera. Doppler patiently watched.

It’s been very hot in parts of the Southwest. Where we live temperatures rose into the 80s with low (for Connecticut, but high for here) humidity. No kvetching from me.

I could get used to this outdoor oriented life. In fact, I will.

I miss my friends, but looked at the Connecticut radar plots today and didn’t miss that.

7 thoughts on “The Outdoor Life”

  1. I was just looking for the rest of the article! I figure that you were distracted and then hit enter before you completed the thought. which is OK when it’s just for the blog. When one is in the midst of transferring funds into one’s checking acct–and you get distracted–well, it happened to me, and it wasn’t funny! Anyhow–I expect you will eventually see the error, and we’ll get the rest of the explanation tomorrow (or later today-EDT)
    Happy Home ownership—When does your moving van arrive and or the furniture delivery?? Too bad that Doppler can’t stay with your daughter for a few days—or would she still end up being alone. Poor dog –must be so confused.
    Talking about missing folks–I will bet that your friends who adopted Doppler’s sister/brother/ ?/–misses you folks.
    Are you folks getting the brunt of the heat. You had the better of the travelling weather last week–and here, well each rain fall has been a small monsoon of it’s own–gonna build a ark soon!
    How many houses were built in this former Avocado Grove???

  2. Yeah our weather isn’t winning any popularity awards lately. Except from CL&P and UI who are making a mint from constantly running a/cs. Lady behind the counter at Burger King was complaining about how hot it was there. I told her that I work OUTside and if she thinks its hot where she is she should try my job for a day or two.
    As for Doppler she should be OK by herself in the hotel room for a few hours. Actually you probably ought to get her used to that or she might develop seperation anxiety which would be a bigger problem to resolve. Just leave the radio on for her while you’re gone (I do that with my cats).

  3. Every time I read a new post I think “I can’t believe he’s gone!” And I’m a little bit jealous because I really loved living in (northern) California.
    Doppler will adjust but I agree I’d try leaving him for a little bit at a time starting in the hotel room. My little dog will just lay there waiting for us to come back.

  4. Any trees left? That would be sweet to pick from your old avocado tree ! I hope your new house has not contributed to an avocado shortage in the future !

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