Looking At The Weather Here And There

I find myself looking at the Connecticut radar a lot now that we’ve lighted in the OC. It’s been busy the past few days, though as I write this (7:30 AM PDT/10:30 AM EDT) the last of today’s rain is heading toward I-395 and Rhode Island.

I’ve talked about our desire to live in California a lot over the last few years. Friends in Connecticut worried I’d get bored by the lack of active weather and monotony of endless blue skies. They think after a while I’ll lust after clouds and showers and humidity.

I hope not.

It’s summer here when weather changes little from day-to-day, week-to-week. It’s mainly nice for the next five months.

People here talk about the weather back east, gasping at our ability to deal with extended periods of gloom. They’re totally befuddled by snow. They look at it like it’s a poison death ray from the sky!

I’ve played my timelapse from last winter’s blizzard for a few people. They watch slack jawed like it’s video from a Mars rover.

If they’ve been back east or are from the East Coast (as so many here are) they talk about the lushness California goes without. Roads with impenetrable canopies of trees are exotic to them. In Connecticut that’s the norm.

Because of climate and irrigation there is plenty of SoCal color. When you see open vistas they are largely brown or sandy grey. That’s the natural color.

Color is here because someone planted it, not because it naturally thrives. How much growth could there be when any July day only has a 5% (or lower) chance to see even the tiniest sprinkle?

This afternoon as the Sun comes out in Connecticut, people will rush to take advantage. Beautiful days in a beautiful place are not to be squandered. Here they’re a little more cavalier.

4 thoughts on “Looking At The Weather Here And There”

  1. Could be a case of the ‘grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’. Here our grass is very green. Out there, not so much unless it’s painted on.

  2. Geoff,
    I am enjoying your day to day blog–and I guess that it might change once you are busy in your new home, arranging furniture and your new life. Will Helene and you have to go job hunting too–eventually? It is good when you make a move as drastic as this that you have friends and family nearby(general LA area). I lived in Glendale when I moved out there and had a former CT friend in Redondo Beach.
    I am wondering if you could garner some info for me—I have an e-mail picture of one of the Flower Fields out there–where the seed companies do their plantings. The picture shows a huge American Flag all done through planting many seeds –flowers in red white and blue. My inclanation is that they are mostly carnations–but a friend asked me if I knew what kind of flowers they were. I suppose I could google it–but knowing you have this propensity for delving into things–wonder if you could find out the info quicker. Iwould e-mail you–but don’t know which of the 2 addresses my husband had, are still valid–if any is. Keep the pictures coming from out there. And enjoy each day–brown grass and alll–it will green up in the winter!

  3. Umm yeah, sounds like you will get bored with your weather. No probs though I will look forward to your online forecasts for CT. 🙂

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