The House Begins To Take Shape

This blog entry comes to you from my new desk. The blinds for my office are still to come. This time of day, the desk is only usable with heavy duty squinting! Glad to sacrifice for you.

Along with its view of the setting Sun, my office has some spillover neighborhood WiFi. Shhhh. Don’t tell. I’m on someone’s Linksys router.

Today was another busy day made busier (and longer) by miscommunication between our painting contractor and his painters. I was in pajamas sitting in Helaine’s car at 7:30 waiting to let them in. They didn’t show until well past nine.

There has been progress. That’s very good. Most of the upstairs has been painted.

This room, my office, was painted a color that doesn’t match our chosen paint chip… or the carpet! Repaint scheduled for Friday, along with much of the downstairs.

That’s progress and it’s duly noted.

The woman who’s doing our window treatments came by this afternoon with ten temporary shades. They do make a difference.

My office furniture was delivered along with a mattress for the guest room. It’s the only room with furniture I need to assemble. Now I remember why I hate assembling furniture!

In the end it will be OK, but what a pain getting there with awful instructions and less than stellar workmanship. A little Home Depot remediation will be necessary before the nightstands can be used.

A crew of three spent much of the late afternoon installing utility cabinets in the garage. We’ve got no basement or attic, so storage planning is necessary. Both cars should fit… they’d better fit!

Helaine and I have been talking about a mutual fantasy. In it we spend an entire day with no errands or anything to do. We lay on the sofa or bed and… actually there’s no and. We just vegetate.

Friday will be our last night at the hotel. I can’t wait to sleep at home.

9 thoughts on “The House Begins To Take Shape”

  1. Wow, what a process…I think you and Helaine really need to live out that “let’s be veggies for a day” fantasy! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy 4th of July!!

    1. Geoff!!!!!We will miss you at Lucian’s Florist and Greenhouse in Hamden,CT. Come back and visit us if you are in the area. Hope to see you again.
      We Love you!!!!
      All of us at Lucian’s Florist

  2. Glad you are making progress. I’ll bet living out of a suitcase is getting old, but it is nice when you don’t have to clean, make beds or cook……but being a homebody, that does lose it’s shine for me after a few days.
    Cannot wait to see some pictures of the new digs, and some more Doppler pics would be great too!!!!!

  3. I can sympathise with your situation. One year ago I was living in a temporary (but gorgeous and totally out of my price range) apartment upstairs while my apartment was being finished. The cats were having a ball (so to speak). The older ones adjusting to apartment living (as opposed to room living) again and momcat and the kids finding out how much FUN living indoors could be. Think thunderpaws at 6 am every morning.
    I had to move OUT of my room in Terryville into the 3rd floor apartment and then 3 weeks later move everything DOWNSTAIRS into my permanant digs. 2nd move I had to make by myself because my friends never showed up to help. Later told me they were sick. Still got it all done in 1 day. (So there! NYAH!)
    3 weeks without TV or internet in the house and of course lugging groceries up 3 flights of stairs (building went up in 1904. No elevators).
    But hey you’re mssing all the FUN here! Tornado touchdowns in East Windsor, warnings in Greenwich, heat advisory for today and probably tomorrow (they haven’t announced it yet but the forecast is identical to today so it seems likely). Flash flood watches and warnings. Seems like you left just as things were getting interesting.

  4. We moved 5 years ago. Just from Vernon to Willington, but still a move. Once we actually got our things all here it was great fun setting it all up. Best sleep of my life that first night here with a BIG smile on my face pretty much ever since! Hope you have as much joy in your new home!

  5. Happy 4th. So happy you’re almost moved in. I bet Doppler is too. Hope you & Helaine can live out that fantasy real soon.

  6. I am happy that all is going well for you. You and your family will love CA. I do but sadly can’t move there, I do however get to visit.

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